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August 2019 Goals

Inspire · Life · July 31, 2019

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Happy August friends- well tomorrow! I can’t believe we are already to August. I remember early in my pregnancy realizing my third trimester would start in August. Yep at the very end of August I start my third trimester. CRAZY! Today I want to share my August 2019 goals along with how I did in July.

August 2019 Goals

In July I wanted to:

  • Not die in the heat (okay dramatic and not a real goal): I did not die. It actually wasn’t TOO bad
  • Go on one date with Andrew: Ugh fail. Between the move and having a birthday party EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND there was no time.
  • Take Liam to the splash pad twice: Another fail but he did get lots of splash and water time
  • Go swim at my dads with Liam: Fail. But we did go swimming
  • Work on getting Pinterest to 30K: Getting closer!
  • Read 4 books: I read 5. No idea how but I picked good books so that helps.
  • Take 10 barre classes: I took 4. I took a week off during the move and then just had so many things to get done.
  • Start working on baby girl’s nursery: We have everything for her nursery but Liam is just starting to transition into a big boy bed out of the nursery.

In August I want to:

  • Read 5 books
  • Get everything ready for Liam to start back at school
  • Make major progress on the nursery
  • Take 5 barre classes and 2 yoga classes
  • Meet more people in our new neighborhood
  • Write 5 posts towards my maternity leave scheduling
  • Have at least one date with Andrew
  • Pass my glucose test

What is one of your August 2019 goals?


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  • 18 thoughts on “August 2019 Goals

    1. Joline

      You had a pretty busy and exciting July! I actually haven’t thought about August yet, it wasn’t until you mentioned it that I realized it was going to be August TOMORROW lol.

    2. Stephanie

      You accomplished a lot this month, especially being pregnant while moving! I moved during both of my pregnancies and it isn’t easy! We are getting the boys ready for back to school too, 11 days and counting!

    3. Tanisha

      I feel like the year just started lol. Have any tips on growing your Pinterest? I just started my new blog in March and I’m at 1800+ 🎉 but would love to see 5K before 2020. Also, trying to read at least one book a month. Do you shop Barnes & Noble or Books A Million?

    4. Bree

      I love that you set yourself monthly goals and then actually reflect on them. I do not set goals, I just do everything I think of when I think of it. I need to try goal setting!

    5. Lina Melo

      Wow you accomplished a lot in July and love all your goals for this month! You are such an energetic mom to be! Love that!

      One of my goals for this month is to read two books! I’m going to start setting up calendar goals, I find this super sueful

    6. Christa

      You had an eventful July! I can’t imagine accomplishing all that you did while being pregnant and moving. You’re a rock star.

    7. Kristen

      We just moved into a new construction home, I have the same goal of meeting more people in our new neighborhood. Such a great idea to write these down.

    8. Courtney

      Ahhhhh I really should set my August goals since it is August already lol. Maybe over the weekend I will start to map things out!

    9. Nichelle

      I so love goal setting. It’s awesome to see you accomplished 5 books instead of 4 in July. I truly believe reading expands your thoughts and helps you achieve more. I also love how you dive in step by step. Great job.

    10. Flossie McCowald

      You are awfully ambitious for the heat of summer! We’re still recovering from our last two trips, and have THREE more in August (in & around the start of school!), so I’m hoping to survive those. Fortunately, they are a little closer to home and shorter, so less driving and less packing.


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