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July 2019 Goals

Inspire · Life · July 1, 2019

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Happy July friends! I feel like summer is already in full swing and next month Liam will be back in school! Crazy! Our June was a bit nuts so I am hoping for a bit calmer July. But first let me share my July 2019 goals and also what I accomplished in June.

July 2019 Goals

In June I wanted to:

  • One date night with Andrew: Yes it was super fun. We went to a new to us burger place and got yogurt. A bad storm was coming in so we headed home early.
  • Read 5 books: Ugh I read 2. FAIL!
  • Take 5 barre classes: I TOOK 12!! Really proud of that and it has been so fun!
  • Get ahead on blog posts through July: Umm I have written some but they are all outlined.
  • Work on Pinterest and Twitter more: Eh I did this a little but not nearly as much as I wanted.
  • Take Liam to a splash pad: Yes he calls it the water park and loves it.
  • Take Liam out of ice cream or yogurt at least once: We did this a few times but he prefers to only have toppings haha.
  • More outside walks: Liam and I did a few but it’s so hot already at 8 AM!
  • See my grandparents more: We got to see them on Father’s Day which was so nice.

In July I want to:

  • Not die in the heat (okay dramatic and not a real goal)
  • Go on one date with Andrew
  • Take Liam to the splash pad twice
  • Go swim at my dads with Liam
  • Work on getting Pinterest to 30K
  • Read 4 books
  • Take 10 barre classes
  • Start working on baby girl’s nursery

I really don’t want to put too much on myself in July because I want to enjoy Liam’s summer with him and also just not feel super stressed.

What is one of your July 2019 goals?

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  • 18 thoughts on “July 2019 Goals

    1. Stephanie

      Hah, my July goal would also be to not die in the heat! South Texas is brutal! We will be at the beach for a week next week, so it’s also a goal to not get sunburned! Other than that, just spend time with the boys as they will both be in school full-time in August 12.

    2. chelf

      no, no I feel you about the heat. I also try not to die and survive the heatwave! Together, united we’ll do it! Girls against unbearably hot summers! LOL

    3. Jen

      You’ve got great goals for July 🙂 and great with doing a lot of Barre classes. I want to be on the beach and get some sun put a lot of sunscreens hahaha…this is the only time of the season that I will get the kids to enjoy outdoor.

    4. Karen Monica

      I love goals post like these… Makes me feel motivated too. I have set a few goals too and one of it is to work on my Pinterest views as well. Good luck to us.

    5. Riana Shahid

      5 books in one month?!! That’s ambitious! The 2 that you read is a great achievement! Best of luck with your July goals! Mine is kind of vague but I want to stress less and try to go with the flow. I’m traveling abroad and while there is a great deal of planning involved, I want to make sure I don’t unravel if something doesn’t go according to plan

    6. David Elliott

      That’s an impressive number with Pinterest. I wish you luck in trying to reach that number. I know you can do it. As for my July, i just have to survive through summer reading and then do the best for my daughter and spend time with her when I can.

    7. Melanie williams

      Haha I know what you mean about the heat. We are having a sizzling one today for sure xx

    8. Di

      I feel ya on the heat. Hasn’t been too bad yet here but it’s coming. No goals, similar to you, just enjoy the Summer! It’ll over before we know it!


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