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August 2020 Goals

Inspire · Life · August 3, 2020

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Happy August friends! I am already ready for August to end. The heat here is ridiculous. But enough complaining. I wanted to share my August 2020 goals and also look at July to see how I did.

August 2020 Goals

In July I wanted to…

  • Try to lose 5 more lbs: I lost 4 lbs which I feel good about. These last few lbs are tough.
  • Get better about walks with Charlotte: It’s been way too hot unfortunately
  • Try to have one day during the weekend that’s JUST for us 4 to spend together with no outside commitments: YES we have been spending lots of time together
  • Read 5 books: I read 4 books. I kept falling asleep at night…so tired.
  • Go through Charlotte’s closet: Yes organized and got rid of clothes she has grown out of. So sad.
  • Get Liams uniforms ordered and ready for school in August (WHAT!?) and labels, etc: Yes I need to get everything labeled but he isn’t starting till Sept. 8th now.
  • Try to have at least one at-home date night with Andrew: We eat dinner together each night after the kids go to bed, does that count?
  • Work on fall blog content planning: Yes I am planned mostly through October.

In August I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Continue to eat well, walk 10K steps a day, and track food
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day
  • Go through Liams closet
  • Organize our office more
  • Grow Pinterest by 500 followers *currently at 29,000
  • Research and plan some lunch ideas for Liam so he doesn’t get bored
  • See my grandparents once a week
  • Make sure Andrew and I have 2 nights a week where we don’t get on our phones after dinner and spend time together

What is one of your August 2020 goals?

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  • 9 thoughts on “August 2020 Goals

    1. MissMillMag

      Everytime I Make goals for myself.
      But sadly end up completing Nothing.
      After reading this I feel like that I should start taking this seriously.

      Thanks for Sharing.

    2. Stephanie

      My boys are supposed to be starting school next week, just not sure if it will be in-person or online yet. But we still haven’t finished my youngest son’s bedroom that we started in March (we were hoping COVID would calm down to take him shopping, but we shopped online). I am hoping to have that done this month for him.

    3. Emma

      Some great goals – I definitely need to get reading more, I don’t make enough time to just sit and read before I get too tired!

    4. Christa

      I love your goal posts! It’s such a great motivation to keep me accountable to myself and my goals. I am so impressed at the balance you are able to find.

    5. Melanie williams

      Oh wow so much on your list. I like the sound of trying to read 5 books…I really do need to read more xx

    6. Clarice

      Happy new month! You just reminded me to set new goals for August.

      I would love to get started on Pinterest. I have been neglecting this platform for the longest time. I also have a bunch of new books from my author friends. Hopefully I can get started reading.


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