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August Goals

Inspire · Life · August 1, 2016

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Hey friends it’s August! WHAT!? That’s crazy talk! Although I have to say I hope this month speeds by because I’m over this heat. This pregnant girl does not like to be hot! Plus I really don’t go outside much because it’s Texas, there are mosquitos and well nothing good happens with mosquitos. Before we get to my August goals lets see what I wanted to do in July.


In July I wanted to…

  • Read 5 books. – I read 4 but to be fair I’ve been really tired.
  • Have two dates with Andrew to places we haven’t been before. Yes! We did do this! Very exciting stuff. We had lots of little dates at The Four Seasons and we went to a new burger place.
  • Go to a museum in Dallas. Nope. This did not happen.
  • Try one new restaurant. Yes this did happen. Two restaurants. Go us!
  • Organize the upstairs closets. If I keep adding it to the list, it’s bound to happen right? YES! Finally this was done. We cleaned out the closet in what will be the nursery and now it’s strictly a room for baby stuff. We also organized the closet in what will be Andrew and my joint office since we are moving things out of our offices to make room for an upstairs family room and downstairs playroom.
  • Clean out some areas of my office. I started somewhat organizing my office to move it upstairs.
  • Pull things from my closet I no longer wear and sell/donate. Β Yes yes yes! Because you know whats not fun. Not fitting in half your clothes.
  • Bake banana bread. No but I did buy some πŸ™‚

In August I want to…

  • Read 5 books.
  • Combine our offices
  • Try one new restaurant
  • Have at least 2 date nights
  • Write about something personal
  • Try one of the new slow cooker meals I bookmarked
  • Take a bunch of things to donate
  • Clean out our pantry
  • Try to get at least 10 days ahead on blog posts written

What are some of your August goals?

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  • 50 thoughts on “August Goals

    1. Robin Masshole Mommy

      I just want to get through the month LOL. Both of my boys birthdays are this month AND we have a big trip to Disney coming up in 2 weeks!

    2. McKenzie Allyshia

      I have a few goals like that — maybe if they appear on my list enough they may get done. Ha ha! These are great goals! I love sharing my goals on my blog too; I feel that it holds me a wee bit more accountable.

    3. rachel

      These are great Neely! I need to start doing goals posts for the added accountability! Hope you get to try a new yummy restaurant this month!

    4. Nellwyn

      Great goals! I’m always trying to get ahead on blog posts, and I go through phases of being really on top of things and then I tend to fall behind a little bit. I’m doing a writing residency this month for my MFA so my goal is pretty much just to learn as much as possible and make my writing plan for next semester.

    5. giedre

      Wow! You actually were super productive, considering you’re pregnant! During my pregnancy I was lucky if I got off the couch, lol. So SO much morning sickness for so much of the pregnancy, ugh.

    6. Corrie Alexander

      I really like this idea! I imagine posting your goals on your blog helps keep you accountable, not to mention it may inspire others to have a more productive month themselves. *Raises hand* I might start doing this too!

    7. Cate

      Great goals, although I’m thankful if I can manage to read 5 books a year with my schedule! Happy August β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

    8. Katie

      Have you heard of Thred Up before? You can always try selling your clothes that are in great shape through there and then they’ll donate whatever they don’t accept for you! It’s my favorite way to clean out my closet! (In case you haven’t, my referral link gets you $10 >

    9. Liz Mays

      I have a lot of travel in August, so I’m kinda hoping I survive it. Considering how tired you are now, I’m impressed with how much you’e been able to get done.

    10. [email protected]

      Girl! I’m with you. I’m usually all about summer but this summer it is just too hot. I’m so ready for a snuggly winter. Awesome goals this month! I know you’ll rock them. I have bags of stuff I need to donate, too and I want to get ahead in writing my posts for the blog this month.

      Happy August!

    11. Brittany

      Love this! I’m working on more date nights with my husband. I’m also working on doing a better job at planning out my day without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a work in progress. Love the blog!! I like that you set monthly goals and document (and reward) achievements. (I am aware that is a separate post but I thought I would share regardless.) Have a great day!

    12. Terryn

      I just love goal posts! They are so encouraging to me. The start of a new month is exciting. Although, in August I start thinking about fall and back to school so my goals are related to that a bit too. I’ll be writing them down today!

    13. Erin | A Welder's Wife

      I love a good purge, so to hear that things are finally coming together for you to reorganize your home makes me happy! Congrats on the dates, too! My husband and I have not dated much lately, but I am working on that. I love your goals for this month. I bet the momentum you have started will plunge into this month and allow you to finish everything!

    14. Lauren

      Great goals! I know you can accomplish them – I believe in you! I can’t wait to read all your new posts (that you will write ahead of time :P).

    15. Alex - Lifestyle'91

      I’m feeling like a slacker! My list of to dos for the month always seems to get longer rather than shorter. I love how you make sure to include fun (and important) stuff like spending time with your hubby and taking me-time to read – great idea! I never seem to get past the no fun stuff on my list but I’m much more likely to keep plugging away if I add some fun stuff in too. Good luck with the month and congrats on the clean closet πŸ™‚

    16. Rachel

      Sounds like you did pretty well in July! I keep wanting to get better about writing posts ahead but it keeps not happening. I really need to set time aside for it! And now I’m really wanting banana bread, haha.

    17. Michele

      Those goals seem attainable–try cozy mysteries if you want to read 5 books–they tend to be shorter and are really fun reads which will keep your interest. I am always trying to be ahead on posting–one of these days I will do it!!

    18. Sheryl

      I want to know your secret for getting at least 10 blog posts ahead! I have the ideas but it is the sitting down and writing them that I struggle with at times! Here’s to a great August.

    19. Keating

      Girl, we wont even talk about my goals haha I had so many for the month of July and MAYBE one of them was accomplished. But to be fair, my husband is about to come home from overseas so I’ve been a bit busy and distracted lol I’ll try again in August.

      xo, Keating | Keating & Co

    20. Tracy

      Great goals! I’d love to visit a museum in Dallas, They have some pretty spectacular ones! Need to write my goals for August too. You’ve inspired me!

    21. Joy

      You just reminded me! I have a pile of clothes and miscellaneous items in my close I need to donate! I need to put them in my car and drive! We’ll get there.

    22. Sarah

      Great goals! 4 books in one month is a great accomplishment! I hope you make it to 5 like you want this month! Which 4 did you read?
      Peace, Sarah

    23. Paula Tisch

      What I really like about your goals is that they are personal and doable. That encourages me to make baby step goals like getting 1 post ahead on my blog for starters. Then 2, then 3 etc. Thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚

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