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Things I Do Daily

Fitness and Health · Life · June 3, 2020

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I think daily habits are one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. There are certain things I do daily to ensure my day starts and ends well as well as things I always do throughout the day. I want to share my rhyme and reason behind each thing.

Things I Do Daily

  • Wake up early:  I do this to give myself time to not feel rushed. Being up before my kids means I can get dressed, do my skincare routine, put on a little makeup, brush my teeth, maybe even have breakfast, or make coffee before they are up. Sometimes I will get up EXTRA early (I did Monday) and go take a barre class before they are up too.
  • Exercise: It is really important for me to move my body daily. I walk EVERY SINGLE DAY. I make myself do 10K steps unless I am sick or there is some huge reason why I can’t. Other than that I do barre 5-6 times a week and when I can go to the gym I do that on non-barre days. More barre than gym days now because of obvious reasons.
  • Read: It settles my mind. I love to get lost in another world and make my mind work.
  • Meditate: It settles my mind in a different way. I am a very high strung, anxious person. I have been as long as I can remember. Meditating helps me so much.
  • Get outside: It helps my mood, it helps my health. Being outside for a walk alone, or with my kids, or just running around the backyard with Liam helps so much.
  • Act silly: Pretty easy to do this with 2 kids and a caution to stay home as much as possible. Lots of dance parties, silly songs, and running around. We laugh a lot.
  • Have dance parties with my kids: Like above this is important for all of our moods. After dinner each night we have a dance party. Sometimes it’s just 5 minutes, sometimes it’s 20 minutes. We love to let Liam pick songs (lately it’s Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses) and dance around the house. The verdict is out on if Charlotte likes it.
  • Eat meals at home: Not even because of a pandemic we just choose to make 90% of our meals at home. We sometimes get take-out for dinner on a weekend but making meals at home saves money and it’s healthier to know what’s going in your food.
  • Take time for myself: This is my reading, workout, doing my skincare routine, even showering without one of my kids coming in. Taking 30 minutes alone each day is so important to my mental health.
  • Give affection: To my husband, my kids, my parents, etc. Saying I love you, giving hugs and kisses, holding hands, snuggling. These things are my love language.

What are some things you do daily? 


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  • 17 thoughts on “Things I Do Daily

    1. beth

      I love this idea. I really want to add meditating to my daily routine. acting silly is definitely an essential, laughing is so important!x

    2. coco

      i do many of these too, wake up early (4-5am usually), exercise (running and yoga), get outside, read, hug my girls 🙂

    3. Brandy

      This was much like my schedule for many years. I felt it helped a lot, when the kids were younger. Now I have teens and homeschool plus work at home. I am trying to think of what type of routine I have now, but it’s mostly wake up around 11pm, drink coffee, check work email, check my clients’ to-do lists, handle homeschool assignments to my tween and teen boy (eldest just graduated), and then more coffee and work until dishes and dinner. Man, I really need to do something beyond that, like something FUN, thanks for sharing this because it helped me realize I don’t include a lot of FUN in my day anymore!

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      We pretty much do the same things, although I have not gotten into meditation yet. I hope to start doing this together with daily affirmations. That sure looks like a winning combo.

    5. chad

      This is amazing!!! I have been working out, meditating and doing daily breathing exercises daily, these are really helping me a lot.

    6. Elizabeth O

      I think having a routine in the time of Covid19 is a wise move. We need to stay connected to goals and things that give us focus.

    7. Swati Gupta

      I love this article!
      While I do most of the things regularly except meditating and giving affection because by the end of the day I’m so exhausted that it is just so difficult. But I’ll definitely try to get better at it.

    8. Jessie Jones

      I’ve really tackled getting outside and exercise during this pandemic. Can you help me with getting up early!?! So hard when a little baby boy has snuggled up next to me…. Miss you lady!


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