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Best Productivity Tips For Bloggers

Blogging · August 30, 2016

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As bloggers we all have so much going on in our lives. From work to family obligations to everything else in our lives. Productivity can be hard, and finding time to get everything done can seem impossible. I have some of what I think the best productivity tips for bloggers are, and I hope you find them helpful!


Best Productivity Tips For Bloggers

Keep An Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are your friend! I have talked about them before, but the main reason I use one is because at any given time I know what posts are coming up. I don’t use anything fancy, just a Google Drive doc! I separate each week, and it’s easy to move things around if a sponsored post date gets changed. It’s also helpful to stay on top of dates for big projects and sponsored posts so you don’t get an angry email from a sponsor that you missed a deadline! Editorial calendars really alleviate any kind of stress and make you more productive when you can plan things out!

Google Drive Is Your Friend

I use Google Drive for EVERYTHING! I keep my media kit in it, I keep my sponsored post finances, and I keep my editorial calendar. I also save all of my blog photos, as well as my post drafts. It’s really handy to have it all on my phone, iPad, and computer if I need it! I highly suggest getting really familiar with Google Drive if you aren’t already.

Get A Good Planner

I used a Day Designer last year, but this year I just picked up a Day Designer from Target. Great quality but a fraction of the price! It’s not quite as big, but it gets the job done. I use it for dates that do not change (sponsored posts, dr appts, weddings, etc). It’s kind of my life line outside of Google Drive and Google Calendar.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

It’s really easy to say yes to everything, but sometimes you have to say no. Especially if you see that a lot of due dates are close together. This can cause undue stress. If you have a big vacation in May, maybe don’t take a ton of sponsored opportunities, and big projects for that month. Just be realistic with the time you have.

If You Have Free Time Write A Post

On that note, if you find yourself bored or with a lot of free time one day, write a post or two. Something you can bank and save for later or get ahead on next weeks posts. I do this a lot on Sundays. I almost always take Sundays off from working out, and unless we have brunch or family plans, I tend to spend the morning blogging. It’s a good time to relax with some Netflix and write a blog post!

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I hope you found this post helpful! If you enjoyed hearing my best productivity tips for bloggers, make sure to check out my other blog advice posts!

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  • 52 thoughts on “Best Productivity Tips For Bloggers

    1. Cristina

      I love these tips!
      I should consider using Google Drive too, although I’m skeptical when it comes to cloud services for my blogging materials, dunno why.

    2. Katie

      I don’t really use Google Drive (except at work), but I LIVE for my dropbox! Especially since I have a computer with a small hard drive, it gives me the ability to only store a few things on my computer and then head to my dropbox for the rest.

    3. Elizabeth Ann

      I love these tips! I am obsessed with writing things down so my day designer is my life line. I am going to look into using Google Drive to keep track of other things outside of scheduling. I’ve used Google Drive for other jobs so I’m familiar but haven’t used it in a while. I’m glad you included “If you have free time write a post”. I have been bad about that lately and needed the reminder! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Allison Arnone

      Weekend mornings are THE best time for me to write – it’s early enough that I don’t have to go anywhere yet, and my mind is clear and I’m well rested and relaxed. Literally any other time during the week is so tricky and unmotivating…gotta get it in when you can!

    5. Renee groskreutz

      Yes, if you have free time write a post. This is such valuable information for sure. I tend to think that I will do it at the end of the day but then I find that I am brain tired.

    6. Mary

      Great ideas, great post! I am best at writing my posts very early in the morning before the sun comes up and everthing is quiet in the house!

    7. Daria

      I keep saying I need to invest in a planner and I know I need to do so but time gets away from me.I need to make it happen. Also, like the tip in your free time write a post. It seems my time these days are not mine alone therefore, when I do get to writing my post, I’m not as relaxed as I would like to be. Hopefully, some free time will make its appearance soon, so that I can be leisure and write with freedom. Thanks for the reminder!

    8. Nellwyn

      I recently started planning my posts much more in advance with an editorial calendar and it’s amazing how much more relaxed I feel. So much stress is gone because I know what’s coming for the next six weeks!

    9. Angie

      Yes, these are all great! I need to get in a better habit of creating an editorial calendar. I think for me, where it will come in most handy is for those lulls where I am not as creative. I get on a streak and can create 3 or 4 posts at once. Having a calendar allows me to fill in those gaps, for days where I just can’t possibly come up with any new animations, cartoons, or copy.

      Great post!
      bobo design studio

    10. Brandy

      These are great tips! I am now in transitional stage of a move to new home all the while it’s back to school this week, but once back to school is in full swing next week and the move is complete then too? I will be using some of your tips here!

    11. Rebekah

      I love the idea of using Google Drive! I use Evernote to keep track of my post ideas and planning, but it doesn’t have a calendar. That is the one thing that drives me nuts! I have a blogging binder where I have a physical calendar and I use notebook paper to plan posts out-just because sometimes I do better with a real pen an paper when planning. But I might switch all of this to Google Drive and see if that works better for me!

    12. Rebecca Hicks

      Thanks for these tips! I really need to get on top of things… My goal is to be a week ahead on posts, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen haha. This was a great post!

    13. Tami

      I use Google Drive for client related files. I like the idea of storing blog posts and maybe an editorial calendar. I’d like more info on how you create and use the editorial calendar.

    14. Ailie Wallace

      Great advice, and I agree that planning is essential. My editorial calendar is pretty much filled up a year in advance, but I always leave room for manoeuvre if an interesting story came up which was related to current events, or whatever. Another tip I would suggest is always give yourself at least twice the amount of time you think you’ll need to write a blog post. In my own mind, I think that I can easily write a blog post in two hours, but then I usually end up tweaking parts that I’m not happy with, or rewriting sections until I get it exactly the way I want. Then even after it’s live on site, you still have to spend time promoting your blog!

    15. Kiara Catanzaro

      I always try to write in my spare time for my blog. Sometimes, I give myself a break–but if I find myself on YouTube or social media, I tell myself, “Nope, you’re getting to work ASAP!” haha

    16. KP

      Google Drive is seriously a life saver. I find myself using so many different devices, so it’s so handy to have what I need available on each of them!
      Thanks for all these great tips 🙂

    17. Amanda Rinehart

      I have never really used Google drive for blogging purposes. Maybe I should check into it! And on a COMPLETELY unrelated note…what plugin do you use to put your insta feed across the bottom of your page like that? I love it!

    18. Mistle

      Yes to all of these! I have an editorial calendar and it helps alot. Of course there are times when I change my mind on what I want to post at times. Also having a planner is such a huge help!

    19. CJ from Thirty30Courtney

      I absolutely love my Day Designer from Target. I used the smaller size last year but picked up the larger version this year and I am truly satisfied with that decision. I have been beginning to keep an editorial calendar right inside my Day Designer and it’s so helpful to see everything laid out, but I definitely think Google Drive is a great resource!

    20. Dia all the things i do

      I always try to find little spots of time to jot things down. Paragraphs or lists of people to reach out to about XYZ. One thing I did the other day was I had a gym appointment at 7 and got off work at 5. SO after the drive to the gym that gave me about 50 minutes of time to kills so I read an essay I was supposed to review and I finished it quicker than I expected so I called my grandpa #balance. Also Google Drive is a life saver.

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    22. Elizabeth O

      I concur. Blogging and promoting takes up a lot of time so, having a clear schedule is imperative. Adding some VA help is also a great gift, if one can budget for it.

    23. GiGi Eats

      I post on my blog only ONCE a week because I only want to post the best content I possibly can. This posting schedule helps me stay as productive as possible, without getting burnt out!


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