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September Goals

Inspire · Life · August 31, 2016

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Happy (Almost) September friends! It’s ALMOST socially acceptable to have all the pumpkin things, and put that fall decor out. Football season is here and the temps are starting to somewhat cool down. We had a bit of fall weather for about 10 days in August when it rained nonstop and it was glorious! It’s time for me to share my September goals with you guys, but first let’s see how I did with my August Goals.

September Goals

In August I wanted to:

  • Read 5 books – I read 4. Sorry I go to sleep REALLY early now. I’m lucky if I can make it through Bachelor In Paradise without falling asleep.
  • Combine our offices – Yep that is completely done and now we are working on turning my old office into a playroom for baby boy!
  • Try one new restaurant – Yes we went to DISH in Dallas with friends for brunch a few weeks ago. Super good mac and cheese!
  • Have at least 2 date nights – We went to a concert so that’s one! I mean we spent a lot of time together this month, so even though we didn’t have 2 distinct date nights I feel like we had a great month of quality time.
  • Write about something personal – It’s written just not posted yet! COMING!
  • Try one of the new slow cooker meals I bookmarked – Ugh no but we still do 2 slow cooker meals a week. Seriously a lifesaver.
  • Take a bunch of things to donate – OH YEAH! We not only took my entire SUV full of stuff but we had Salvation Army come and pick up an entire room full of boxes and furniture.
  • Clean out our pantry – Yeah I obsessively do this all the time because it gets so full. It’s pretty small.
  • Try to get at least 10 days ahead on blog posts written – I’ve consistently been about 7 days ahead so I think I can get there soon.

In September I want to:

  • Read 5 Books – I like the number
  • Get the nursery started
  • Finalize our plans for our babymoon – it’s booked we just need to figure out restaurants. We go in October!
  • Finalize plans for my trip to NYC with Ashley! We are going on a girls trip in late October
  • Get 10 days ahead on posts and stay 10 days ahead on posts
  • Organize our linen closet
  • Plan a day trip to Canton
  • Have a fun date night or date day with Andrew
  • Spend more time with my mom

What are your September goals?

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  • 40 thoughts on “September Goals

    1. Rachel Dean

      This is a great idea! I love how you list past goals along with new goals. I am going to Guatemala on a mission trip in September so my goal is to stay healthy before and during that trip!

    2. Robin Masshole Mommy

      I just need to get through back to school next week. That is my only Sept goal at the moment 🙂

    3. Michele

      You do seem to be getting those goals accomplished. I never heard of a babymoon–what a great idea-can’t wait to hear where you go and how you liked it.

    4. April Hammond

      You did really good for your August goals and I like your September goals. I have some blogging goals related to content development, but other than that I really want to start sewing the dress I am wearing to Dapper Day at Disney. I usually start projects late and then freak out bc I am a beginning sewer. Not this time though, I want to look amazing!

    5. Nellwyn

      Congrats on accomplishing so many of your October goals! My September goals are mostly school-related so they involve lots and lots of writing!

    6. Savannah

      I love this!! Reflecting on the month before and celebrating the small victories + understanding what still needs improvement has to be so encouraging!!

    7. Lacey

      These sound like great goals. I also am hoping to get ahead AND stay ahead on my blog posts this month, but we will see how that goes 🙂

    8. Lisa Favre

      You are an inspiration. I should make a list of goals for myself – I haven’t done that enough lately. I would love to see how your slow-cooker recipe turned out!

    9. Lauren @ Glitter & Grandeur

      These are great! I’m impressed with how much you accomplished last month. I didn’t do as well with my August goals. I will be writing my September goals post tonight or tomorrow. One of them is to get ahead on posts – I have really slacked on that since starting back at school and work. Good luck with your September goals, love!

    10. Adriana Lopez

      Great goals and ideas. Loving the dates and donating. It is important to take care of our partner and also our community. You have inspired me to put my list together too =)

    11. Rosemary

      Love your planning and goals ahead. Great job in getting so close in August. September will be a breeze! Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is so “freeing.” Good for you. To a successful September!

    12. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My slow cooker is my lifesaver! I have planned a total closet revamp this weekend and take those old clothes to a donation depot. Your September goals are all doable and I wish you all the best this month!

    13. Erica @ Coming Up Roses

      I lovelovelove that you prioritize so much with things like date night – you’ve got your priorities STRAIGHT, Neely! It’s so easy to see bloggers always just goal-setting around the blog, but you really have a good handle on the important stuff in life. Cheers to getting it all done in September!

      Coming Up Roses

    14. Shann Eva

      Such a great bunch of goals. I love how you mixed personal and professional. I really would love to get ahead in posts. Maybe once we get our school schedule down, I’ll have more time. A Babymoon is such a great idea! Can’t wait to hear about it.

    15. Mistle

      I wanted to read 2 books last month. I only read one. I also donated several items last month. I still have a bunch of stuff I need to go through. Yah for a babymoon & going to NYC. Good luck on your goals this month!


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