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Currently August

Life · August 29, 2016

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I am a huge fan of any “Currently” post. I see different variations of them all over blog world and they are always so much fun to read! I feel like it gives you a little insight into a person. So here is a Currently August edition for you guys!


Currently August….

Food: Pretzel Crisps and Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies are on constant rotation for my salty food loving baby on the way. I also eat Horizon String Cheese everyday! Hot chocolate has been a bit of an addiction the last month. Yes, it’s August.

Music: I have been listening to A LOT of Counting Crows because we are going to the concert in September! Other than that I mostly listen to podcasts and sports radio-football season!

TV: Andrew and I have for the last year or so been going through every season of Survivor. I have seen them all but Andrew hasn’t. We are watching them completely out of order though. Ooops! I really want to start Stranger Things, so we may do that soon. Oh and Bachelor in Paradise DUH!

Movies: I have now seen Bad Moms TWICE! It’s so good! Lots of upcoming movies I am looking forward to! We want to see the Edward Snowden movie!

Podcasts: My new favorite podcast is Dear Sally, which is a Felicity Podcast. I also love Here to Make Friends which is a Bachelor recap podcast. So funny! For my favorite podcasts check out this postΒ and for the best podcasts for bloggers check here.

Clothing: Current weekday uniform: Lululemon crops, comfy t-shirt, sports bra, Nikes! I still don’t look SUPER pregnant, but this is the most comfy thing to wear right now.

Makeup: I recently picked up a new Burberry Mascara and I LOVE IT! I have only used it a few times but so far so good! I am also using Softlips Chapstick like it’s my job to combat my super chapped lips!

Books: I just read Everything We KeepΒ it was VERY good! I have a lot on my to read list, and there will be another books post coming soon! Check out my books section of my blog if you need a suggestion!

Wishlisting: I would love a leather jacket for fall. That’s number one on my wish list right now!

What are your currently August edition favorites?

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  • 48 thoughts on “Currently August

    1. Liz Mays

      You’re the queen of mascara testing! I need to see if Counting Crows are coming near me. I’ve seen them perform once, but I’d love to go again!

    2. Jasmine Eclipse

      I also love “Currently” blog posts, they’re so fun to read! It sounds like you’ve got your plate full! I was listening to lots and lots of Brad Paisley last month to prepare for his concert, it was an awesome time. Have fun at Counting Crows!

    3. Caitlyn

      I have been wanting to see Snowden since I heard rumors of it’s production two years ago. I am so stoked to see it! Hopefully it stands up to my exceptions.

    4. Natalie Jean

      Love this! I seriously can’t recommend Stranger Things enough. I know that it’s getting a lot of hype but it is totally for a good reason. I loved it (and I typically hate any shows that are scary or creepy). Also, I’ve been wanting to see Bad Moms but haven’t had the chance yet. The fact that you’ve seen it twice makes me want to see it even more because it must be hilarious! πŸ™‚

    5. Danielle

      Stranger Things is honestly so good. My boyfriend and I started watching it on a whim and finished the whole first season in only two days. The time period and sci-fi aspect was NOT something I thought would be appealing to me, but it ropes you in the very first episode. I hope you love it!

      Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

    6. Katie

      How are you watching all of the Survivor seasons? I wanted to do that a couple months ago but Amazon Prime only had a couple of random seasons…

    7. Jaz

      I loved Bad Moms! I’ve been trying to go see it again, but I haven’t made the time to do so. I’m sure there’s something I missed since I was practically laughing the whole movie.

    8. Leah

      I love Love LOVE this, and you know I’m going to do it! For the past year I’ve been doing a wonderfully illustrated month in review, but this makes a differently focused, awesome companion piece.

    9. Falon

      Definitely going to check out the Bachelor podcast! BIP is the best! Also, I am a huge Survivor fan. I’ve watched every season, but I should go back and rewatch the old ones!

    10. Leslie

      Haha, I loved Bad Moms, it was hilarious. I enjoy reading “currently” posts too, I may do one in the next week or two. I’m jealous, I’d love to go to a Counting Crows concert! Eeek, how fun! I hope your having a great week.

    11. KP

      I’m really looking forward to seeing Bad Moms! I haven’t been to the theatre in way too long. I’ve never listened to a podcast before – I should try some out.

    12. Kiara

      Who doesn’t love a good pair of Lululemon leggings? I just finished watching Breaking Bad–so I’m a little lost in life, haha! I definitely want to check out Stranger Things!

    13. Megan

      What a fun post idea! You’re right, it is a cool way to get to know your author πŸ˜‰ I haven’t read Everything We Keep but I checked it out and it looks like an interesting read – adding it to my Kindle list!

    14. Elizabeth O

      I take it this is what some of us know as a monthly blog review and/or what we are doing/enjoying each month? Terrific!

    15. Emily

      I’m working through all the seasons of Survivor with my boyfriend as well, Second Chances was his first time watching! Are you looking forward to Millennials vs. Gen-X?

      Love these kinds of posts!

      Emily //

    16. Charlotte

      I just wrote one of these Currently posts–so fun!

      I also recently finished Everything We Keep–GREAT summer reading! Always looking for new reads so keep ’em coming if you find another one you like.

      Bachelor EVERYTHING–my friend just told me that Stassi (of Vanderpump) has a really funny podcast and that she does a Bachelor recap every Monday. I’ve bookmarked yours and am going to check it out. Hope you are staying comfy in this weather πŸ™‚

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