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Current Favorites: February 2019

Life · February 25, 2019

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great start to this new week. With February coming to an end I wanted to share my current favorites for the month!

Current Favorites: February 2019

Scrunchies: So many trends come back around from the 80s/90s that I don’t care for, but scrunchies I AM ALL IN! My favorite scrunchies are the silk scrunchies from Slip. I have the skinny ones and the regular ones and I wear them daily. They really don’t crease your hair (even if you sleep in them) and they don’t give me headaches (huge win).

Jack Ryan: I mentioned last week in a post that Andrew and I just watched season one of Jack Ryan on Amazon and while I maybe watched it because John Krasinski was in it, it’s actually very good.

Organization: Back in December we had The Neat Method do our master closet and that really got the organization ball rolling for me. Recently my biggest project was Liam’s toys. While there aren’t a ton we want to part with (either we are saving them for another baby hopefully or he plays with them) it got overwhelming in his playroom. So after talking to a lot of friends, and doing a lot of research we decided to move about 2/3 of his toys out of the playroom and into bins. We now rotate the bins out every Sunday. I plan to do a more in depth post into how I organize them and what is in each bin. His bigger toys like his play grill, play tool station, basketball hoop, trampoline etc we rotate out as well. Some we keep downstairs in the family room, some in the playroom, and some away then rotate through them.

Spring: We had a tease of a taste of spring recently when it got into the 80s. I always say I love cooler weather, and while COOLER weather I do enjoy, COLD weather I do not. Spring we are ready for you!

Travel Plans: Andrew and I are going on a trip in March to celebrate our 35th birthdays (a few weeks early) and our 5 year anniversary which is this coming fall. We are also in the beginning stages of thinking about a trip this summer with Liam.

Smaller Purses: I basically have two purse levels. I either carry a giant tote my laptop can fit in or a small crossbody. Lately I have been leaning towards the crossbody because I am reminded I don’t need all the crap I carry.

Credo Beauty: I have mentioned Credo Beauty a few times and I have a post coming up all about my clean beauty splurges but I am just LOVING discovering so many new brands through Credo and I am SO SO SO excited to visit the store again soon! I am obsessed with my Susanne Kaufman products and of course Tata Harper and RMS beauty! Highly suggest checking those out.

One Second A Day: On January 1st I decided this year I was going to do the one second a day app. I have kept up with it and I love watching the now almost minute long video. We mostly do videos of Liam since lets face it we only take videos of him, but it’s so fun to see videos of him on his birthday, with my parents, etc.

What is one of your current favorites?

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  • 18 thoughts on “Current Favorites: February 2019

    1. Krysten

      Honestly my current favorites all center around things to help my sore throat. I recently discovered hot toddies and they’re a lifesaver. Otherwise I’m just trying to get through this month!

    2. Stephanie

      I am soooo ready for the warmer weather of spring as well! And I don’t do the video, but I am doing the Project365 for a photo a day and it’s so fun to look back on!

    3. Angela Tolsma

      I have two purse levels as well. It’s usually just a wallet or a huge bag that can fit laptop, books, aka my whole life!! That’s so awesome you’ve a trip planned for your 35 birthdays and 5 year anniversary!

    4. Rhonda

      I’m ready for the spring as well. So over this colder weather lol My favorites are anything scented. Candles, wax warmers, plugins…I’m addicted

    5. Bree

      I am so inspired by this post! I have been hearing more and more about the one second a day and I think I am ready to jump on board and do that as well!

    6. Nati

      Yay! so many cool things at the moment! I’m happy for you. This month I’ve been enjoying the extraordinary sunny weather we’ve been having, so that’s been my fave ๐Ÿ™‚


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