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Current Favorites January 2018

Life · January 11, 2018

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Hard to believe we are into January of 2018. I feel like 2017 flew by and I wanted to share some of my current favorites and just things I am loving right now.

Current Favorites January 2018

Outdoor Voices: Recently I got to go to the Dallas Outdoor Voices store and get a tour and check out a ton of their new items. They were super generous and let me take home these joggers, these leggings and this long sleeved top. I have basically been living in all three ever since. I have my eyes on some other items that I can’t wait to snag! Specifically THIS bra. So stinkin cute!

True Crime Podcasts: I have an entire blog post dedicated to my favorite true crime podcasts (coming tomorrow) but the addiction is real.

Minimalism: Once we took down our Christmas decor I just wanted to clean and organize everything. I don’t think it’s exactly minimalism as it is get rid of all the crap we don’t use. But I’m into it.

Challenging Myself: I have been challenging myself in a few ways recently. To unplug more on weekends, to drink more water, and to spend less.

Candles: I go through candle phases. Lately I have been really into candles from Nest and Magnolia home.

Planning Liam’s Birthday Party: How is my baby going to be one in a matter of weeks?! We are DEEP into party planning mode as we plan to celebrate our miracle baby boy’s first birthday! It’s been so much fun!

Netflix: I have been rediscovering my love of Netflix lately. I have been rewatching Grey’s Anatomy for the zillionth time and even Gossip Girl… I know.

Books: I have made a lot more time for reading lately. I managed to read 5 books in December, which is a ton for me since Liam has been born! I can’t wait to share more posts on what I’ve been reading.

Wine: I have been really enjoying having a glass of wine at night while we watch TV and cuddle on the couch after Liam goes to bed. My favorite is Kono wine! Delish!

Beauty: I tried so many new beauty products the past month so I had to share my favorites! First up is random but Schmidts Natural Deodorant. It was sent to me but I never rave about products I do not love. This smells amazing and I feel like with my sensitive skin it’s made a huge difference. I will for sure be buying this from now on. The next is hard to categorize it but I’m gonna say beauty. Alba tension relief spray. So I spray this on my pillow every night and I am convinced it’s helping me sleep better. It also smells really good. I was sent Living Proof shampoo and conditioner months ago and I recently started using them. Now they are my go to. I noticed a huge change in how soft my hair was immediately! I also started using the Kopari Coconut Melts this month. I use it sparingly but my skin is so silky soft after. I totally get why everyone raves about it. I have a lot more to talk about but I will save those for another post!

I would love to know what some of your current favorites are?

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  • 23 thoughts on “Current Favorites January 2018

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      I love seeing people’s favorites! I’m curious about this tension relief spray now! Yay for getting in some reading – that’s always a favorite of mine. 🙂 I’m excited to check out your post on true crime podcasts. I really want to get back into podcasts.


    2. Anindya Rakshit

      Happy to come across your lovely blog, Neely…….loved this post of yours, with the favs of 2017-18…….can easily relate to couple of them……….would love to connect more….:)

    3. Kristen

      I literally just finished watching Gossip Girl LOL! And happy birthday to your little one! My daughter is turning two soon so we are also deep into party planning!

    4. Aria

      I’ve been rewatching some old favorites on Netflix lately too. I’m currently watching Frasier from start to finish and I love it even more.

    5. Katie

      I really enjoy Schmidt’s deodorant too! And seriously, I don’t drink that much but having a drink with my boyfriend is just one of my favorite things. Though let’s get real, it’s probably more about the company. 😉

    6. Victoria

      I have to say since the first of Jan. when I read a post about being a Minimalist I have been pondering what I can get rid of. You have a great list of books and I am adding some to my list.

    7. Jenn

      Great list! I feel ya on the whole minimalism thing! As soon as the New Year hit I went all over my house like a mad woman decluttering.

    8. Annemarie LeBlanc

      I am into reading more books lately. It was a habit that had to take the backseat last year because work was just so overwhelming. I think that glass of wine while watching TV is a good idea!

    9. 1stopmom

      I need to check out your post on true crime podcasts, I like stuff like that. Right now I am obsessed with prison shows. I stumbled across this show, 60 days inside, where people volunteer to go into jail for 60 and report back to officials. It is so interesting.

    10. Tami

      I’ve been attracted to the minimalist lifestyle the past several months. Although I have a long way to go, I am seeing more and cleaner empty spaces in my home. I am loving it.

    11. Alicia

      I rewatched all the Grey’s Anatomy seasons when I was out on maternity leave — I’m getting anxious for the mid-season premiere this week!!!!

    12. CourtneyLynne

      I’ve been obsessed with candles too!! Something about super cold weather and lighting a candle… idk… just so relaxing

    13. lara

      i love your posts! I’m going to give those podcasts on true crimes a listen to.
      I have been challenging myself to journal my food intake and exercise. It’s making all the difference!
      I’m obsessed with my planner (30 commit) where I have really let myself be creative and take my notes etc. i’m loving it. notes on life, tracking goals, tracking behaviors… it’s been awesome!


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