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3 Ways To Stay Healthy As A Couple

Fitness and Health · Married Life · Sponsored Post · January 10, 2018

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Back in February after I had Liam I had a LONG road ahead of losing weight. I had 75 lbs to lose, which I have talked about before. Not all from my pregnancy but mostly. One of the things that was MOST helpful to me was how supportive and helpful my husband, Andrew, was during this time. Andrew has also at points wanted to lose weight and become healthier. Recently after talking to a good friend, I wanted to share 3 ways to stay healthy as a couple on my blog because I know SO MANY couples want to both better their health and their relationship. I think Andrew and my perspective is interesting because we have VERY different workout and eating habits but still stay healthy as a couple.

3 Ways To Stay Healthy As A Couple

Find something daily to enjoy together: I think of this in two ways. This could either be a workout or it could be something you eat together like a shake or a smoothie. Since I work from home and Andrew works out of the house it’s very rare we can workout together aside from weekends. Even then, it’s hard because one of us needs to stay home with Liam. So if we workout together it either is during nap time upstairs in our home gym or on a family walk. We do like to enjoy smoothies together every day though. We have been doing this daily since we met and we always have them while Liam eats dinner. Since Andrew has started trying to lose weight and I’m working on maintaining and cutting my snacking we have been LOVING the Perfect Paleo Powder. It helps to boost your metabolism which we can all use, nourish your muscles, and boost your energy levels. With a VERY active 10 month old we need that. The Perfect Paleo Powder takes whole food ingredients found in nature and combines them with pharmaceutical grade supplements. There are actually a few to choose from as well:

Every phase of your fitness journey requires a different kind of nutritional support:

  • The​ ​Perfect​ ​Paleo​ ​Pre-Workout​ ​Powder​ fuels your body and primes it for heightened performance.
  • The​ ​Perfect​ ​Paleo​ ​Post-Workout​ ​Powder​ provides nutrients to your muscles after they’ve been exerted during your workout and helps lean muscle building for faster results.
  • The rehabilitative ingredients in Perfect​ ​Paleo​ ​Digest​ ​&​ ​Rest​ ​Powder​ ​heal your gut, decrease inflammation and fight overall body pain.
  • The low-carb Perfect​ ​Paleo​ ​Fat​ ​Loss​ ​Powder​ has fat burning ingredients that take your fat loss efforts in the gym to the next level with Paleo friendly nutrition

For us this is a great way to make sure we are getting the nutrients we need daily while also supporting each other in the process by making sure we have it every day.

Keep each other accountable: It can be SO easy to want to eat the 4th or 5th cookie, have the second glass of wine, skip the workout, etc. Having someone to hold you accountable is KEY. I would get so down on myself when I would go a few weeks and stall in my losing weight but Andrew was so helpful. If I said “whatever I’m going to have a cookie!” He would remind me of my goals and say let’s go workout together. SO MANY NIGHTS he ate chicken and veggies because it’s what I was eating. Holding each other accountable also makes your relationship stronger.

Be supportive but firm: To build off the above be supportive of each other and loving but sometimes you have to be firm. You have to remind each other of the overall goal even when the other person doesn’t want to hear it because they are having a bad day and they want to eat something bad.

I think if you are in a relationship you have to be on the same page health wise, because if one person is sitting eating chips and queso and the other a salad it’s not fun for anyone.

I would love to know your thoughts on this! How do you stay healthy as a couple?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clovis. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • 31 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay Healthy As A Couple

    1. Kylie

      Holding one another accountable is so important but also so difficult! It’s definitely something that my husband and I need to work on. Thank you for those tips, they were motivating for sure 🙂

      Kylie <3 |

    2. Brandi

      I heard great things about the Paleo diet but have never tried it. I like that you focused on couple fitness because having an accountability partner is great and for me, much needed! Thanks for sharing.

    3. Kristin

      Doing the healthy change as a couple is so much easier! Just today my husband said he’d join me in no longer drinking alcohol…so we are off to a good start!

    4. Kristen

      My Husband and have been slowly changing our habits (more toward Keto – but I’ve been told is somewhat similar to Paleo) and I do so much better knowing that we both are in it together!

    5. Ashey

      Great ideas! My husband does not care about fitness. I wish he did because it would be easier for me!
      Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

    6. Ruth Epstein

      I am single but also fighting the weight problem till about a year ago when I decided to cut out sugar of any kind from my diet, which has been hard as I love my coffee with sugar LOL. Since doing that and reverting to the way I ate in Israel which was tons of veggies, some chicken and only eating 3 meals a day, lots of walking also thanks to my dog, I have lost nearly 60 lbs and feel wonderful, I now joke i need to win a lottery for a new closet of clothes LOL.

      Thanks for this great post and I agree changing your eating habits makes a big difference in your life.

    7. Liz

      Having a partner can be so helpful to keep you accountable! Even if we’re not working out together (my SO is a mountain biker and I’m a runner) we’ll frequently block off the same time for our workouts and talk about how they went when we both get back 😊 The most fun days are when we find a park where we can both go and do our own activities and bump into each other occasionally in the trail 💛

    8. Tami

      Hubby and I both want to be more active and eat better. Yet, we aren’t quite on the same page. Finding something we both enjoy will be a challenge.

    9. Caitlin

      Great advice and I agree it’s so much easier to stay on track when your partner is on the same mission as you! There have been times when I’m trying to be healthy and I see my husband crack open a beer and some chips and it just totally derails my goals!

    10. Erica Schwarz

      I wish my husband would get motivated with me. Over the past year, I have put on too many pounds, and have now started working on getting them off and I would love a workout buddy!

    11. Aseky Bonnaire

      My husband and I go to the gym together. We go to the YMCA and they have an AMAZING children’s program there, so we lug all three kids and make it a family affair. My husband is always motivating me and pushing me to stay consistent with the gym. I’m in a wedding next week and for the last 6 months I’ve been trying to “get swole” so I don’t look like a toothpick in chiffon, and he’s been the BIGGEST supporter! He comes up with workouts for me, and even meal preparation for me. And plus when we go to the gym, it’s a little break from the kiddos. We look at it as an extracurricular to our intentional date nights lol

    12. Kristin

      You are so lucky to have that kind of support system at home! My husband is definitely the opposite and I can’t get him to workout with me or stick with healthy eating. He’ll eat the healthy meals I prepare, but he’ll still snack on candy or ask if I want ice cream or to go out to eat.

      It’s so hard, but I keep hoping I’ll find something we both enjoy. Thanks for the tips!

    13. Alicia Taylor

      Good luck on keeping each other accountable. It’s an admirable goal. I love to fill up on healthy fruits and keep them around. My husband and I are also both trying to lose weight – but taking our own paths.

    14. Christina | From Under a Palm Tree

      I’m definitely going through this right now with my husband. Most of the time it’s been me trying to motivate him to get healthy with me but he’s so stubborn and now he’s trying but I’m like not into it. It’s annoying to be on different pages sometimes but I think he’s really serious so I need to be supportive and get into gear too.

    15. Tracie

      My husband and I exercise together at least twice a week. The rest of the time I am on my own. After 24 years of marriage, he can get away with that. He never fails to make sure we get our two days in and always asks me on my other two days did I get my workout in. He is a great accountability partner which is very important.

    16. Kiersten

      Do you have any advice for couples who aren’t on the same page healthwise? My boyfriend doesn’t care about his health and doesn’t take care of himself. It frustrates me because it’s hard to get him to support my healthy lifestyle!
      Kiersten Rives

    17. Carrie | The Lavender Hytta

      These are great tips! One of the biggest ways that we stay healthy as a couple is eating a healthy dinner just about every night together with the kids. I think sitting down and eating a family dinner is so important to the health as an entire family.

    18. Rachel

      I love this. My struggle has been that there has been a fine line between holding each other accountable and being supportive. LOL. It can be crossed easily 😉


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