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Current Fitness Routine and How I Get It Done

Fitness and Health · October 14, 2020

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In May of 2010, I really started focusing on my overall health and a big portion of that was fitness. I had always belonged to gyms but never really knew what to do and kind of just bobbed around doing different things and having no plan. I’m not sure what clicked for me in 2010, maybe reading a lot of healthy living blogs and really feeling like I wasn’t being as healthy as I could be gave me that motivation. I want to share my current fitness routine because I get so many questions asking me what I do and also how I do it with 2 little kids and working on the blog full time.

Current Fitness Routine and How I Get It Done

In full transparency I very lucky that Andrew also works from home and that allows me the time to be able to work out, go for walks, etc without having to take my kids all the time. Liam is also in school 5 days a week from 8-3. Plus, I work for myself so taking a midday workout class (in non-pandemic times) isn’t hard. So I do have a lot more flexibility than a lot of people.

I will also say I am an extremely determined and motivated person. I am my biggest competitor with myself. I am not someone who needs other people to work out with or a trainer to get it done. I set a lot of fitness-related goals for myself and I love meeting them.

My routine:

  • Daily: Every day I walk 10K steps either by myself when I can (around the house, outside) or 3-5 days a week I go for a walk with one of my best friends who lives nearby. We go at 6 AM before kids are awake which helps a ton. It also gives me some adult time.
  • 6 days a week I do other cardio either the elliptical or I run on the treadmill.
  • 5 days a week I do weights at the gym either arms/abs or legs/butt
  • 1 day a week I do a barre workout at home
  • 1 day a week I try to do a slow yoga flow at home to stretch and relax
  • I try for Sundays to be my active rest day which for me means 10k steps and usually stretching or yoga flow

All in all, I probably spend about 90 minutes a day doing some sort of fitness related activity. It’s what I enjoy and helps my anxiety a lot. I will say I did not start going back to the gym until September. Before that, I just walked and did barre at home every day.  My gym is very small and most of the time when I am there it’s me and one 80 year old man working out. We keep our distance haha.

I think it’s important to be active and really want to instill that in my kids as well.

Do you have a fitness routine?

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  • 17 thoughts on “Current Fitness Routine and How I Get It Done

    1. Joline

      That’s awesome Neely. I used to do CrossFit but realized after a few years I don’t enjoy it anymore. I’m back to just doing yoga and a few HIIT workouts here and there. I run more often now too. I try to get about 150-200 minutes of active minutes a week with a couple of rest days to help my body recover.

    2. Stephanie

      I miss morning walks with my best friend! We would go at 5:30 before the kids were up, too. We stopped in the spring due to COVID and now she lives in another city part-time so it just doesn’t work. My husband and I work out together most weekday mornings before the kids get up, too. I like having an accountability partner.

    3. Brandy Ellen Writes

      I love that you spend about 90 minutes a day doing something. I have been slowly getting myself back into a routine of working out every day. I did drop 4lbs in Week 1, but I typically do one exercise routine or workout per day for 10-15 minutes. I hope to increase it and loved reading your list to see what you’re doing, it’s inspiring.

    4. Stephanie

      Color me impressed! I wish I had this kind of fitness routine, truly. I’m definitely the same way you are where I’m motivated and determined. However, because of my chronic illness, my body just can’t keep up with my desires to be active. It’s really quite frustrating considering I’d probably be totally fit otherwise haha! But I do love getting yoga or a good walk in whenever I can.

    5. Nichelle

      Your workout mindset and routine are amazing. 10k steps.. I get excited with 1k. I’ve been trying during this pandrmic, but I know I need to do more. Thanks for the inspiration.

    6. Tara Fuller

      this is highly impressive and as much as I preach something like this to my patients (and followers) I’m TERRIBLE about committing to it myself. You definitely inspire me to be better!

    7. Nina

      Thanks, I have a rule of ‘do something everyday’. Whether it is pilates, walking, running or active recovery, it all contributes to moving and keeping fit physically and mentally.

    8. Pearl

      Your routine is an inspiration. I like that you provided how you fit these activities into your day. I think we fall into this mindset that we need to block this huge amount of time to workout. Your schedule shows you can break it up (and mix it up) and still get it done. Thanks for the inspiration!

    9. Deborah

      You go girl! I do cardio about 5 times a week and yoga flow around 3 times a week and that’s about it. It looks like you have a real routine going for yourself! How awesome!


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