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Current TV Favorites

Life · TV · August 4, 2017

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Regular TV will be back next month, but with summer TV comes all sorts of fun new shows, or fun summer favorites. Plus a lot of shows I was watching in the spring/summer that I HIGHLY suggest finding! It will give you something to hold you over till regular fall shows start!

current tv favorites

Current TV Favorites

Riverdale: Back in the day I used to watch pretty much everything on the WB/CW. But Vampire Shows and superhero shows just aren’t my bag. Enter Riverdale! I LOVE IT! Doesn’t hurt that Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich are parents on the show which makes me feel 100. So good! I believe you can find it online to binge before the new season starts this fall.

Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise: Do I need to elaborate here? BIP is my jam.

The Crown: I have watched this all the way through TWICE. It’s on Netflix and so good. Really fills the Downton Abbey shaped hole in my heart.

Silicon Valley: Hysterical HBO show that my husband loves, and while I really like it I will admit half the jokes go over my head because I am so far from tech savvy.

Confess: On an app called Go90. If you like Colleen Hoover books this show is based on Confess one of her greatest books IMO.

13 Reasons Why: I’m sure you’ve all seen it. It’s on Netflix it’s really good but really sad. I truly believe everyone NEEDS to see it.

GirlBoss: Also a Netflix show and loosely, very loosely based on the book. I find Sophia very unlikeable but I really love the show. Sadly, it got canceled after one season. WOMP.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: So great. So glad it’s back in my life. If you haven’t picked it up yet you need to go ahead and watch it all. One of my favorites.

Orange Is The New Black: I was terrified to watch the new season because the last season just broke me. I was newly pregnant and having a ton of morning nausea so I stayed home and watched the entire thing in one day. BAD IDEA. But this season was really good too!  I watched it in 3 days LOL.

Younger: OK where have I been? No idea. BUT, season 4 is amazing and I binged the first 3 seasons before season 4 started. Y’all go watch it! It’s on Hulu and TV Land.

The Bold Type: OMG this show is SO GREAT! I love love love how relatable the girls are and it’s a really enjoyable watch!

What are your current TV favorites?

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  • 25 thoughts on “Current TV Favorites

    1. Tami

      Younger is an addiction I can’t seem to break away from. I honestly don’t know which character I love the most… Liza? Josh? Charles? Diana? Who is your favorite character, Neely?

    2. Jaime

      We’ve been binge watching This Is Us (I really want to get caught up for this year!) And I want to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – I’ve heard great things!

    3. Leslie Soto

      I definitely need to catch up. I’ve only watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; that’s one of my favorite non sense shows and Girl Boss; which I have mixed feelings about. I keep hearing about The Bold Type so I need to watch that! The Bachelorette/Bachelor, I go back and forth on. I can take it in small doses.

    4. Jaz

      I just binge watched the first 5 episodes of ‘The Bold Type’ and I’m mad that I didn’t start it sooner. It’s so good! ‘Younger’ is also really good and I’m loving that Charles Michael Davis is on this new season. He’s so fine!

    5. Marcie W.

      Awesome show suggestions! For me, summer television means a lot of carefree options since many of my main shows start again in the fall. I have been enjoying America’s Got Talent, Beat Shazaam and 90 Day Fiancee.

    6. Andrea Karwandy

      I caught one episode of Younger and have been wanting to see more ever since! Totally agree about the main girl on GirlBoss, her friend was amazing though! Definitely my favorite character on there. I was worried about Riverdale at first because I HATED the Archie Comics cartoon show, the voices were just so wrong. I love how they have adapted the characters for this show though. 13 Reasons Why and Kimmy Schmidt are also some of my favorite shows. Great list!

    7. Katie

      Bachelorette, of course! Seriously, I think I need to get myself on this show… 😉 Anyway, I’m also LOVING Big Brother. That show hooks me in every summer!

    8. Bea

      I’ve been able to watch The Crown only when I was getting ready for work via my iPad, when my son was occupied with my husband in the other room.
      Sadly, I’m caught up in the world of Paw Patrol, and Kids Netflix. I know every line in Trolls by now as we’ve watched it 4 days in a row at LEAST 3 times a day.

      Although, the upside after my son and daughter are snoozing, is we will lay in bed and watch one episode of Shooter. It’s pretty intense.

    9. Monica

      I’m currently catching up on the latest season of Scandal, watching Game of Thrones live, and watching the original seasons of Twin Peaks from the 90s – it’s so good! If you’re into murder mystery with a mix of comedy, Twin Peaks is your show!

    10. Southern & Style

      I’ve seen all but the current season of OITNB, so I need to finally get around to watching it-and 13 Reasons Why, as well!
      I’ve been binging Pretty Little Liars, I didn’t watch it when I was in high school/college, but I love the suspense now!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern and Style

    11. Channon Gray

      I’ve watched all five seasons of Orphan Black in less than two weeks and I have absolutely zero shame. The only issue is that I caught up with the UK netflix so now have to wait a WHOLE week between episodes. Just, why?!

    12. Bethany Lotulelei

      I was just wishing I had a few tv recommendations! Last night we were scrolling through Netflix, trying to find a new show to watch. I LOVE The Crown! Such a good show! The costumes, the acting, and the history—it is all so good!

    13. Mistle

      I love The Bold Type!! It’s a great show to remind women to stand up for themselves and kick butt! These other shows I have never watched but I’ve heard great things about them.

    14. Brandy

      Right now we are enjoying The Prophet as well as American Ripper. We are hooked on American Ripper because the person who they are trying to pin as Jack the Ripper was originally born in my home state, New Hampshire. The history behind this is just something else.

    15. Crystal

      The first time I watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it didn’t click for me. I gave it another go because everyone loved it, and I’m so glad I did. Totally love that one.


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