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August Goals

Inspire · Life · August 1, 2017

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AUGUST! Finally! No I am not a huge fan of August but we are going to Chicago this month AND seeing Hamilton, so yeah you could say I’m excited! I am sharing my August goals and seeing what all I accomplished in July!

august goals

August Goals

In July I wanted to…

  • Read 3 books now that I have more time to read: Yes I did! Sharing book recs soon!
  • Keep up with all of the W’s: I did and I am soooo close to my wedding weight goal! I have less than 15 lbs to go!
  • Take Liam for daily walks somewhere indoors (like the mall) since its getting too hot for outside walks: We didn’t go daily but we have gone walking as much as we can!
  • Enjoy July 4th with Andrew and Liam (one of my fav holidays): We had a very relaxing holiday just the way we wanted it.
  • Cook more: We made a few new recipes this month and I am sharing my favorite summer salads soon!
  • Have two dates with Andrew: Eh this was slacking but we did spend a lot of time at home together.
  • Do a little purging of stuff we don’t need: Yes we had Salvation Army pick up a bunch of stuff and I donated several bags of clothes.
  • Clean out Liam’s closet (yes already!) Yes! My sweet almost 6 month old is in 9-12 month clothes! He’s getting so big!

In August I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Explore places in Chicago I have never been
  • Plan a trip to Houston
  • Focus on Pinterest growth (really close to 20K)
  • Keep up with the W’s
  • Put away toys that Liam has outgrown and get out some of his 6-12 month toys
  • Write blog posts through September
  • Spend some time with my parents more than we have this summer
  • Have 2 dates with Andrew

What do you want to accomplish in August?


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  • 21 thoughts on “August Goals

    1. robin rue

      I want to go to Houston, too. I have never really been to Texas (layovers definitely don’t count), so I would love to plan a trip.

    2. Emily Erson

      I’ve never been to Houston. I’ve heard it’s an awesome place to visit. 4 books in a month? Good luck. I love to read…with 3 kids and running everywhere, it’s a luxury.

    3. Heather Johnson

      My goals for August are to finish organizing, cleaning, and decluttering my house. I also want to finish writing all my backlogged reviews and get a bunch of posts scheduled for this fall when #3 arrives.

    4. Joline

      Wish I was seeing Hamilton! It doesn’t come to town until 2019 or something so we have a bit of a wait ahead of us. Have fun! August goals…finish reading the 3 books I’ve been reading for what seems like forever!

    5. Jocelynne Flor

      I’ve been trying to read more books too! It’s such a great way to relax and have some downtime without a phone/laptop. Can’t wait to see your recs because I’m on the hunt for a good book to take on my camping trip in a few weeks.

    6. Rachel

      Fantastic goals! I love the one about 2 dates with your partner. I feel that when you have kids date nights tend to be a low priority…..however they are so important!
      Good luck achieving all your August goals. 😉

    7. Katie

      These are great goals! I haven’t been consistent with setting monthly goals this year but I’m hoping to get back to it because I really think it helps me stay focused. I’m still working on my list for August but at the top is 20 hot yoga classes. The studio I go to has been doing a challenge all summer and if you complete 20 classes in a month, you’re entered to win a 3 month membership. I didn’t make it in June or July so this is my last chance and FINGERS CROSSED I can do it and WIN!

    8. Rachel

      SO excited for you to see Hamilton. It’s amazing you’re going to LOVE it! I’m totally with you on wanting to cook more this month too!

    9. Muna Kenny

      Your list is so simple and doable! I tend to make mine so complicated and eventually do 40% of it only. Simplicity is the key. I think your goals are reasonable and I should shoot for that.

    10. Samantha

      My biggest goal for August is to get back into blogging and make more time for business. Those are my main to dos this month and once we get back on a school routine.


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