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Currently Loving April 2018

Life · April 11, 2018

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I figured it was high time I did a little life update post with the things I am loving currently April 2018 mixed in! I always love reading these posts from other bloggers and my last one got such great feedback!

currently april 2018

Currently April 2018

New Bed: Andrew and I were gifted a new Nectar Bed recently and after sleeping on it for over a month I can tell you WE LOVE IT! I was a little skeptical of one of these beds that expands, but you guys it has been some of the best sleep we’ve had. It came with two pillows as well which I am so obsessed with. I actually insisted on taking it to Houston when we went a few weeks ago. I know you have a lot of options when it comes to beds but I can’t say enough great things about this one. Note that I was NOT paid for this review. Yes we received the bed at no charge, but I was under no obligation to post about it. I truly just really love it!

Beauty: So I have mentioned my LOVE of natural deodorant (current favorite is the Native coconut and vanilla-holy wonderful). Native was SUPER nice to offer you a discount code if you use “NEELY” when you are checking out!!!  Also, I recently switched over to natural shaving soap. I tried out Thrive Market for some snacks for us and Liam and threw in some natural shaving soap with it. I really love it and notice my sensitive skin feels a lot softer. I am also really loving some new goodies Physicians Formula sent over! They sent me a ton of butter bronzers and highlighters as well as their new healthy lip line. I am also OBSESSED with this L’Oreal eyebrow pencil. I got it months ago in a press package and started using it recently, and it is by far my favorite brow pencil EVER. Bonus the price is fantastic! Tata Harper recently sent me some of their skincare line and so far The Face Wash, Toner, and lip balm are my favorites. I loved the lip balm so much I purchased a second one to keep in my purse. I also recently got a new moisturizer, the Origins Night-A-Mins.

Podcasts: I have an entire post Friday about all the podcasts I am listening to lately so stay tuned!

Books: Oh gosh I am on such the reading roll. Reviews coming up shortly but I just read an ARC of Colleen Hoover’s new book, All Your Perfects (pre-order) and you guys it was incredible. By far my favorite of her books. I also just read Tell Me Lies (pre-order) which I really enjoyed!

TV: Mostly, I am just happy Dynasty got picked up for another season because it’s my biggest guilty pleasure of the year. Seriously, give it a chance if you haven’t. You won’t be disappointed! I am finally almost caught up on Riverdale and The Crown also. I have also been doing a rewatch of The OC and let me tell you, it holds up.

Clothes: Some recent purchases/bday gifts include these sports bras, this tee, this pullover, and these shoes. All which are on rotation nonstop!

AirPods: I got Apple AirPods for my birthday and I am obsessed. I was skeptical at first when I heard about them, but once I got them I totally get it now!

I hope you can find something in here to try and love too and that you enjoyed my things I am loving currently April 2018!

I also wanted to share some of my favorite articles and blog posts I’ve read lately:

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What is ONE thing you’ve been loving?

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  • 18 thoughts on “Currently Loving April 2018

    1. Leah

      Pillows? Please tell more! I’ve boight cheap pillows and expensive pillows and yet to find the perfect pillow. Sounds like I need to try this one next?

    2. Peter

      We have a nectar mattress as well. What a difference a good nights sleep can make. April has been a great month here too! Lovin the new baby and extra cuddles from super jealous big sis!

    3. Katie

      A new mattress sounds delightful! I am loving all of the birthday love that I’ve been getting. Nothing makes a girl feel more special than a birthday.

    4. Brandy

      It’s funny out of this whole thing, the one thing that stuck with me was podcasts! I need to listen to more podcasts for sure. I love that you’re currently loving so much in April.

    5. Wendy

      That bed looks so comfy and what a treat that you got it for free huh? I use natural deodorant as well and think it is a really important thing to always do.-good for you!

    6. Heather

      Love this collection! I am always on the hunt for a new book and quality recommendations. I’ll be checking in for those podcasts recommendations.

    7. Mary Varville-Rodriguez

      You’ve delivered another incredible post. I totally agree with you on the nectar mattresses. Hoping plenty of readers check out your link to discover the incredible discount plus two free pillow. Amazing quality! Enjoyed reading you “Loving April” list.


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