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How To Create A Fitness Routine That Works For You

Fitness and Health · April 9, 2018

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I wanted to preface this post by saying that I am not an expert by any means. But as someone that knows what works for them and how through many ups and downs I created a fitness routine that worked for me, I thought I would share the things that I did.

create a fitness routine

  • Assess what you can do: So not everyone can run (some people have injuries). Not everyone can do yoga, CrossFit, or Barre. Some people have certain heart conditions that prevent a lot of intense cardio, so assess what you CAN do and go from there.
  • Be realistic about your time: I am very fortunate to have a pretty flexible schedule to work out. Before I worked for myself and had a baby, I had very limited time. I would always work out early in the morning around 5:30 AM. When I started barre I always went to the 5 PM class. It was what worked for my schedule. So you have to figure out what works for your schedule realistically. Once you do that you will get into a great routine. Maybe you can go 3 days a week. Maybe 6.
  • Decide your goals: Do you have a goal to tone up? Lose weight? Just be all around healthier? I feel like having a goal really helps to stick to a fitness routine.
  • Get a buddy to help: Having a friend to go to class with or commiserate with is beyond helpful. It will also give you something to look forward to. When I did barre daily I loved the girls in my class and we all became really close!
  • Reward yourself: I find that having small rewards like “once I finish my workout I can have my coffee” or “if I go to yoga Saturday morning I will take a nap when Liam naps.” Things like that help you stick to your routine!

What do you do to create a fitness routine that works for you?

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  • 31 thoughts on “How To Create A Fitness Routine That Works For You

    1. Fortune Dushey

      I sign up for classes ahead of time. Even if Im not in the mood to work out, I put on my exercise clothes and this helps get me to the gym. I always workout in the morning. By the time evening rolls around, I’m too tired!

    2. christine

      These are great tips. I think having a buddy is key! Some of us just need some accountability and having to meet up w/ a friend is motivation to get going.

    3. Antionette M Blake

      I am trying to get my workout routine more solidified, but at least I am trying. I am walking the treadmill until the weather gets warmer and then I plan to start early morning walks to jump start my day.

    4. Emily

      Great tips!

      I find that it helps to track progress and record when I workout. Tracking mileage when training for a race or just tracking daily workouts to keep a streak going is motivating!

    5. Tori

      Great tips! I find having a workout partner really helps me be accountable. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one yet. I thought your tip about assessing what you can do is great to! There are lots of ways to be fit and healthy!

    6. Katie

      These are great tips! I have definitely bartered with myself a bit and not let myself have coffee until I get that workout in, or doing making myself a cup of iced coffee and taking that with me while I go walk on the treadmill.

    7. Heather

      The biggest breakthrough for me was letting go of the exercises that people said I “had” to do, but that I hated. I figure doing what I enjoy is better than not going at all!

    8. Jeanette

      At the beginning of this year, I created a good routine for myself. I was doing Yoga and weight lifting…I had this great goal for myself. Then I got sick πŸ™ We’ve had the flu, stomach flu and the children have been sick with cold and it’s like it’s been going around and around my family with different sickness the last 3 months. My routine went out through the window and now I have none.

      Need to get back into it, cause you feel so much better when you workout. I still do yoga, but not regularly. I’m doing all at home, so nothing keeps me from starting again πŸ™‚ I just need to wrap my head around it again and plan my time and make sure I treat myself with it again.

    9. Myriah Mae

      I need to get back on my working out schedule…thanks for the tips and motivation….I find when I stop for a day or two it is so hard to get back at it!

    10. Lisa Clark

      This is great! I’ve been lax since Christmas when we all got the flu and then there was snow and cold weather. Now I am trying to get into a new Spring fitness routine. This is going to help me get there. Thanks!

    11. [email protected]

      Great suggestions! I MUST schedule my workouts on my calendar like it’s my job. Nothing is worse than staring at the appointment all day in my planner if I skip a workout I had planned that day. My own personal accountability;-)

    12. Wendy

      I agree that you should go in knowing your limits. We saw lots of injuries at the office of people who just simply took on too much and were over training. Yes, also I love your point about rewarding yourself-that’s a nice incentive!

    13. Adrianne

      I love that you talk about realistic with your time, I have to get two kids to school in the mornings, 5am workouts at the gym just don’t work in my schedule!

    14. Liz

      These are all really great tips! I think the one thing I’d add is once you’ve done all these things then plan which days you’ll do which workouts. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss days, but just having your workouts planned out will help you commit that day to exercising ☺️

    15. ShootingStarsMag

      All good tips. I’m not someone who likes all that many workouts, so it can be tough. But I’m going to try and get to the gym at least twice a week – starting out. I just joined. πŸ™‚


    16. Crystal

      Making working out a girls night out motivates me. It would be just as fun to go to dinner, but when we feel like it’s just our time to hang out it we all get those workouts in.

    17. Heather

      I need to devote more time in my day to my health. While the kids are at school is my hustling time for work, so I’m on the hunt for fitness ideas I can do with the kids.

    18. Julie

      About a year ago, I lost 30 lbs. Each time I made it too my goal, I would reward myself. Such as a new workout outfit, new top, treat, etc. It always felt good to make it to my goal that I set for myself.


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