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Currently Loving July 2020

Life · July 23, 2020

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I love doing these posts. I think it’s so fun to see what people are currently loving in their lives so I am sharing some things I am currently loving. Warning, these are VERY random!

Currently Loving July 2020

Pluto TV: Andrew introduced me to this free app a few months ago and I realized there was a channel that plays my favorite guilty pleasure show, The Hills 24/7. Needless to say, it’s pretty much always on in the background while I work now.

Inexpensive Sunglasses: I have been reaching for my favorite pair of Amazon sunglasses the past month and I am LOVING them. So cute and so inexpensive.

My Cuyana tote: Another item I have had quite a while and decided to bring it back out recently to use. SO GOOD. I think Cuyana makes beautiful products and I absolutely LOVE this tote. It’s great for every day, work, travel, etc. The price is really reasonable too if you are looking for a great bag.

The Daily Edited: The Daily Edited sent me a shop credit to pick out some items and I got a phone case, Airpods case, travel bags, pouches, and more! I am now a HUGE fan of The Daily Edited and want more! I love having high-quality personalized items. They did not ask me to write this but I just want everyone to check them out!

Morning walks: I have been doing social distancing walks with a girlfriend a few days a week and going for walks alone the other days. I/WE go around 6 AM and I am really loving having 6K steps done before I’ve even had breakfast. It’s a nice way to start the day, get moving, get a sweat in, and lower my anxiety.

Summer salads: I have been LOVING salads the past month. Something about summer makes me want fresh salads with TONS of veggies, fruit, and grilled chicken. YUM.

Married At First Sight: Andrew and I are way late to this party. We started with season 1 and we have been plowing through this series. It’s such a fun show that involves 0% of my brain. The perfect thing to watch after parenting for 14 hours.

Etsy Sweatshirt: I saw Grace Atwood post about this sweatshirt and I ended up getting one for myself and one for my best friend. So comfy and cute!

Tie-Dye trend: Going off of the above sweatshirt I am all in on  the tie-dye trend. I have a few sports bras, sweatshirts, and lounge shorts and I am here for it.

Biker Shorts: Another trend I am loving is the biker shorts trend. Usually just around my house or to run errands. I have a pair from Alo and a pair from Target. I also ordered these from Beyond Yoga.

What is something you are currently loving?

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  • 8 thoughts on “Currently Loving July 2020

    1. ShootingStarsMag

      I am loving all the tie-dye. I have a t-shirt that I made myself last year but I really need to get something else. Maybe a sweater for the Fall. The sweatshirt you got from Etsy is gorgeous!!!


    2. chad

      I have been going on morning walks daily and I LOVE IT!!! This routine made my day so different and a lot more productive!!!

    3. Elizabeth O

      I enjoy seeing nature in full bloom in the summer time. I enjoy hiking and taking long walks so those add to my summer outdoor activities

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I also love my morning walks. Because of the lockdown, I cannot go on my usual route, but I make do with going around the block 3 times in the morning. My sister lives on the next street from ours, so my morning walks would also mean having coffee with my sister. 🙂 I am also going to check out that Married At First Sight show you mentioned.

    5. Stephanie

      While on vacation for three weeks, my husband and I took a break from our daily workouts. But now that we’ve been home for a week and back to our normal routine, I am loving getting my 30 minutes of exercise in before my boys even wake up in the morning! It’s so nice to start the day off like that. Oh, and puzzles. I hadn’t done a puzzle in a long time until my sister was working on one when we visited and now I have one that I’ve put at least 15 hours into and it isn’t done yet!


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