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The Upsides To This Crazy Year + Nordstrom Giveaway

Inspire · Life · July 20, 2020

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I think universally everyone agrees it’s been a weird year so far. I was not someone who had unusually high hopes for the year as I had a brand new baby and mostly just wanted to survive it. But, with all the uncertainty of COVID-19, and being at home 90% of the time save for necessary errands, Dr appts, and walks/trips to the park I have noticed some upsides to this crazy year.

The Upsides To This Crazy Year

  • More time as a family: Liam’s last day of school was March 11th. We went to Houston the next day for the weekend and came back to a city basically shut down. I remember thinking “how will we survive two weeks of this?” Ha. The joke was on me because over four months later we are still here. (wear a mask!) But we have spent a ton of time as a family. We do movies together, bake, play, swim, etc. Andrew and I have spent way more time together too and even though we can’t really have traditional date nights (we choose to not eat at restaurants right now even though they are open) we have loved our time together at home.
  • Organization: One thing I have done with Andrew’s help is to try to get things organized around here. Our office for one has been a disaster. Even though it was set up with Andrew’s desk and computer until he was work from home full time it was never used as an office and mostly as a storage room.
  • A focus on the important: It’s amazing how quickly you realize what is not important. For me that was going to restaurants, malls, play places with my kids, etc. I used to feel as though these were important and they just aren’t.
  • A focus on strengthening friendships/family relationships: Nothing makes you value friends and family more than when you can’t see them!  I started Marco-Poloing with friends throughout the day, FaceTiming with friends and family a lot, and more. I used to not be someone who enjoyed talking on the phone and I do it way more now.
  • Realizing what we DON’T need: I mean we don’t need much of anything aside from the basics. I used to think I NEEDED to go to the gym, or get my nails done, and while I love doing those things I don’t NEED to.
  • The things that should stay the same as a society: Curbside pickup everywhere can stay! Teledoc appts for really ridiculous things can stay. Any more??
  • Time outdoors: We have spent way more time outdoors as a family. Walks, playing in the backyard, going to the fields at the park and running around. I cherish our time outdoors as a family. I mean now it’s 100 degrees every day so it’s getting tougher but still fun!
  • Realizing I am capable of more than I thought: Andrew and I both working from home was really hard at first. Plus both kids and Liam not having school and having zero help. We have definitely gotten in the groove of things and I realize I am way more capable as a parent than I realized.

What upsides have you noticed for yourself?

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  • 11 thoughts on “The Upsides To This Crazy Year + Nordstrom Giveaway

    1. Joline

      This time has definitely made us realize what’s important. We’ve saved so much by letting go of the nice-to-haves and sticking to necessities!

    2. Andrea

      Agree with all of your points! An upside for me has also been more time for teaching my kids life skills. With three school schedules, extracurricular activities every night and all the other “important” stuff we were doing, my daughters weren’t learning how to cook, clean, or keep themselves organized. Life definitely felt more scattered, even with a solid organizational foundation. Now, we can make pancakes together any day of the week, work in the garden, and they have enough time to follow through on assigned chores. That has been amazing!

    3. Stephanie

      Working from home with two littles isn’t easy! I agree, there have been some upsides, but we’ve also missed out on a lot this year, too. Another thing I think was convenient is a QR code for a menu when we were at the airport last week. I always feel like the menus are so dirty anyways.

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      For me, the upside of this lockdown is that I have been walking more than I did. I used to take public transportation even for short distances, but now, I just walk or bike. I get the exercise I need and Vitamin D from the sun. I have learned to appreciate what we are blessed with, and I am grateful that my family is more fortunate than a lot other people.

      1. Elizabeth O

        As much as I agree with the good that this pandemic has made us remember, I’m equally astonished by the cruelty and price gouging going on too. May we never forget the good.

    5. Wendy

      I agree that there are many positives to this crazy time. I have enjoyed more time at home, and have easily filled the time by doing more reading, working out at home (I cancelled my gym membership even after they reopened), and have been doing LOTS more cooking of healthy recipes. (I don’t NEED fast food!). My dog and cat certainly enjoy getting more attention and not being left alone, too.

    6. Clarice

      Love that you highlighted the upsides to our current situation. You just encouraged me to stay positive despite the crisis. Just like you, I am thankful for having a lot of family time. This also gave me insights on what’s truly important. 🙂

      Anyway, thank you for this giveaway. I would love to join but I am from the Philippines.


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