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Currently Loving May 2023

It’s crazy that we are halfway through May. Just two weeks left of school until summer and things are FLYING! It’s time for me to share some things I’m currently loving. You guys always love these posts so I love sharing them with you!

Currently Loving May 2023

My new Stanley cup: I needed another Stanley cup about as much as a hole in my head but I didn’t have a soft matte one. I love that it’s much quieter too!

Finished kitchen: Our kitchen is FINISHED! They finished it last Wednesday and it’s been a dream to be able to use it It’s exactly what we wanted. This was our first-ever big renovation and we learned a ton during it. I can’t thank our contractor enough for staying on schedule.

Pretty glassware: With our kitchen finished we also have a massive bar. We did glass cabinets on top and I have been putting all of our glassware in it. But I really want more. I found an amazing deal on Kate Spade wine glasses at Homegoods this past weekend. I got this set for $24!

Belt bags: Not that this is new but as always loving belt bags. They are so easy for this stage of my life and always being go go go.

Supergoop EVERYTHING: All year round I reach for Supergoop not just in the summer months. But with the weather getting warmer it’s so important to make sure you have SPF on! Right now EVERYTHING from Supergoop is 20% off! Make sure to stock up!

Always Pan: We got gifted new Always Pans a few months back but didn’t open them until now when our kitchen was finished! We love our Always Pan 2.0 and right now everything from Our Place is 20% off and 25% off on bundles.

Infrared Sauna: My friend and I had a wellness day recently and one of the things we did was go to an Infrared Sauna. I had done this pre covid but it had been a hot sec. It was SO GOOD and we both felt great after!

Day dates: Andrew and I love a day date! Truly there’s nothing better than a fun afternoon out and coming home right before bedtime but still having your entire night at home.

My Podcast: If you aren’t listening to the Podcast I have with my friend, Rachel, you absolutely should!

What is something you’re currently loving?

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