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9 Fun Ideas For A Girl’s Day

Life · June 26, 2019

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One of my favorite things to do with my friends is have girl’s days/nights. I tend to prefer day time because I like to go to sleep early, and I know my friends agree! I want to share 9 fun ideas for a girl’s day that will make you want to plan one with your friends ASAP!

9 Fun Ideas For A Girl’s Day

  • Go on a road trip: 2 summers ago some girlfriends and I did a day trip to Waco, TX from Dallas to go to Magnolia Silos (Fixer Upper) and it was THE BEST TIME! We shopped, talked, got Starbucks, and had such a fun day. We were home by 4 PM  and it was a great girl’s day.
  • Get pampered: Probably my favorite girl’s day activity. I love going with friends to get manicures/pedicures, or to a spa where we can all have champagne (when I am not pregnant) and get massages etc. So many fun ways to do this! Recently a huge group of us went and had pedicures and brought in pizza and it was truly the best night.
  • Go shopping/window shopping: This reminds me of girl’s days more so in my 20s. Now I do 99% of my shopping online but it’s still fun to browse with friends, or even window shop.
  • Get crafty: There are so many great places you can do this! Places like Pinot’s Palette or Board and Brush (they have these here – not sure about other cities).
  • Boozy Brunch: Again maybe when I am not pregnant I can participate in this haha. I can at least do the brunch part.
  • Do a fitness class: This is something I have done several times with friends and it’s always a blast. It’s a great time to try something new too because you have the moral support of your girls. In Dallas and I am sure other cities too, there are also huge free workout classes at times around the city!
  • Have a book club: I have a group of girlfriends that I have a book club with.  Such a fun time to meet up for lunch or dinner and chat about a great book (and other non book stuff too).
  • Have a picnic: Easy, and fun! Everyone can bring something and share and chit chat!
  • Have a movie marathon: Take it back to middle school sleepovers. Everyone go in pajamas to someones house and watch movies and eat junk food!

Are you so ready to have a girl’s day now? Tell me what you love doing for girl’s days!

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  • 20 thoughts on “9 Fun Ideas For A Girl’s Day

    1. Sara

      My favorite things to do with friends is a road trip/weekend trip, exercise class (mostly because we always feel like we’re going to die), and those make and take classes that are popular. Those always end up being really fun and oddly relaxing.

    2. Cecilia

      These ideas all sound so fun! Sometimes my friends and I get in ruts where we aren’t sure what to do together other than grabbing food or coffee, so I’ll add these to our list. A fitness class sounds like SO much fun!

      xoxo, Cecilia //

    3. Stephanie

      I have done both movie club and book club with friends here in Texas. When I am with my mom, sister, and aunts, it’s usually about the crafts because we are all scrapbookers and do that together. But, I wouldn’t ever say no to a good pampering day!

    4. Nish

      I much prefer girl’s day out to sleepovers. It feels like a little treat and then I get to go home and cuddle with my family after a great day!

    5. Angela Tolsma

      I think the majority of the girls I know I met through fitness classes so one of the things we tend to do alot is try new classes together. It’s a blast and friendship should be celebrated.

    6. Christa

      These all sound so fun! I’m planning a girls day to binge watch the new episode of Queer Eye. I can’t wait!

    7. David Elliott

      I would definitely do the movie marathon because I am that kind of junkie. But I think a road trip would be a blast too. Have some general notion of where you are going but never sure what you are going to do to get there.

    8. aisasami

      I had a girl’s day with my sister last weekend where we went to the hot bath here in Japan. That is so worth the time and worth the money because I love relaxing in hot baths.


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