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Currently Spring

Life · March 28, 2017

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I am a huge fan of posts where people talk about their current favorites. It’s truthfully how I find some of my favorite things. So today I am sharing my currently spring favorites with you guys!

currently spring

Currently Spring

Beauty: I was sent the new It Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream and you guys it’s amazing. It’s my new favorite beauty product for sure. I have actually noticed a huge difference in my tired under eyes. I have been wanting to try neulash for a long time and I finally broke down and got some and I will have to give you guys an update once I try it for a while. I also got a gift of some La Mer moisturizing gel cream and I have been using it a few times a week when my skin is feeling a little more dry. It’s really helping keep my face feeling good.

Fashion: I am pretty much living in workout clothes right now between taking care of the baby and actually working out! So my favorite thing is some new Nikes I got.  I have also been loving these Champion athletic shorts. I live in them.

Podcasts: Anyone else listening to Missing Richard Simmons? I am obsessed. Go download it now!

Books: After a reader suggested I check out Kelly Rimmer, I downloaded two of her books. So far I have read one but I am excited to read another. Check out Me Without You! If you have any other book suggestions please let me know!

TV: Big Little Lies! I look forward to it more than anything else on TV. Every Monday morning once Liam is down for a nap, I have my coffee and watch Big Little Lies. I have also been watching a stupid amount of the Kardashians. I really don’t know why.

Food: Slow cooker BBQ chicken! We use a sugar free BBQ sauce and I make it every single week. I use the leftovers for lunch for a few days and it’s the best! Tastes amazing and very very low calorie, fat, and sugar!

Random: I joined Weight Watchers after I had Liam. So far I am down nearly 12 lbs! I will be dedicating an entire post to my experience, but I really like it. I don’t feel deprived and I really like having a goal. I also have been trying out Collagen. I read about it on one of my favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers and I knew I wanted to give it a chance. I mix it into my coffee and smoothies. Again I will give an update after I have been using it for a while. Supposedly I will see lots of benefits. Here’s to hoping!

I would love to know what currently spring items you are loving?

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  • 31 thoughts on “Currently Spring

    1. Annie

      I bought a sample of collagen after seeing it all over the blog world but stuffed it into my cabinet and forgot all about it. I’m going to add it to my next cup of coffee! I love these posts too 🙂

    2. JoJo Tabares

      I’m a winter fan. Too many hot flashes for any other season. Spring is when the weather gets warmer, more humid, and when my family gets allergies. Not my favorite things.

    3. april

      Big Little Lies all the way. My husband and I watch it every Monday as well. I so wish they would realease the whole season– it’s truly binge-worthy!

      re: Weight Watchers- 12 lbs! That’s awesome!!! I’d be interested in hearing your experience!

    4. Em

      Hi Neely! Newish mom here too (16 months now), and the athleisure wear is right on! I think it’s great that you have goals and I definitely struggled with the damaging body aspect during my difficult pregnant, but there are some fabulous Instagram accounts (@takebackpostpartum for one) that really helped me realize what an amazing thing my body had done, and also how it took 10 months to do it, so I couldn’t expect it to bounce back right away. It also addresses physical, mental, and emotional health which I needed. Anyway, I just wanted to share from a fellow Mama and sorry for the novel!!

    5. Cait

      Im sure once I have our little guy I’ll be in work out clothes and pjs for a while too 😉 I’ll def try collagen since I’ve heard so many great things about it too! Already down 12 pounds?! Awesome! Do what you can girl- you’ve got time 😉

    6. Southern & Style

      Yay on your weight loss goals, that’s awesome Mama! Also I’ve been hearing so many people praise weight watchers…I might have to give it a go. Do you go into meetings? I would love to hear all about what plan you chose!

      xoxo, SS

      Southern And Style

    7. Kathiey

      I love my morning coffee. I too would like to know what is going on with Richard Simmons. He was in my area years ago, in the mall. He had everyone come up and do some dance exercises with him. Great fun:-)

    8. Liz Mays

      I’m going to have to start looking into podcasts for some of the long drives. I’ll have to check out Missing Richard Simmons. It’s pretty strange that he disappeared so suddenly.

    9. Divya

      How ironic that I just quit Weight Watchers as you started it! I do genuinely believe in the program. And when I was doing it with fidelity, I was successful. I just feel sad that I live in a place that doesn’t have multiple meeting options!

    10. CourtneyLynne

      I keep hearing how awesome ItCosmetics is!!! I think I’m going to have to splurge and try all these goodies out because i swear every time I open the Internet I hear something awesome about the brand!

    11. Kristina Paché Ferency

      I heard of Big Little Lies and I want to start watching that too! I’m currently reading a Nora Roberts trilogy. Just doing a lot of cooking and baking lately and coming up with a gardening plan for late spring!

    12. Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

      I like reading posts like this as it gives me an insight into the person. I have ‘Me without you’ but haven’t started it yet. We are going on a cruise next month so was saving it for that. Have a beautiful week and I’m stopping by through the Blog Share Learn FB group.

    13. Katy

      Oh man, slow cooker BBQ chicken sounds amazing! I love making anything made in a slow cooker really. It’s always so quick and easy, especially with a new baby!

    14. Robin

      Whoa, I had never heard of the Richard Simmons podcast before you recommended it – sounds SO weird and intriguing, hahah! Thanks for suggesting it!

    15. lisa

      I keep hearing people loving Big Little Lies – guess I need to check it out! Slow Cooker BBQ does sound amazing too, with a nice toasty bun!

    16. CJ from Thirty30Courtney

      I’ve just been enjoying starting to wear pastels and brighter colors again. I have been wanting to read the book you mentioned so I’ll put it back on my birthday wishlist. Congrats on the weight loss journey and enjoy the ride.

    17. Marielle Altenor

      Congrats on losing 12lbs!! Tv wise I’ve been binge watching Glee and Goblin: The Lonely and Great God (Korean Drama ). Spring wise I would say all the cute clothes that I bought two sizes bigger for my daughter, and now she gets to wear them while I take pictures lol

    18. Nicole Escat

      Glad you shared this, congrats on the 12 lbs you’ve lost that was a big changes for me. I would also love to try the collagen it will be perfect for my skin while spring.


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