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Favorite Non-Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy

Fashion · Pregnancy · March 27, 2017

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I always thought shopping for maternity clothes would be really fun. Parts of it were and parts of it were hard. There was a long time in my pregnancy where certain maternity items were too big but non-maternity stuff felt too snug. So I had to start improvising. These are my favorite non-maternity clothes for pregnancy that you can easily wear throughout!

Favorite Non-Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy

Since I spend a ton of time in workout clothes, this was first one my list of things to invest in. I found that a lot of maternity workout leggings just didn’t work for me. I love Lululemon Align Pants so I just sized up one and they worked for me from 20 weeks on! Plus I loved that I could wear them right after as well. They have a high waist so they work really well. I also could wear most Lululemon tanks. Again about half way through I just sized up for a bit looser fit. The Yogi Racerback was my favorite. It’s very forgiving and loose fitting. The Scuba Hoodie was perfect to wear to the gym and on errands. It’s a bit big on me but I really love it. These are all things I can wear after pregnancy as well. Another workout piece I wore a lot was from Zella. The Dance Vibes Crop looks really cute over tanks or other long tops.

As far as non-workout clothes went, truthfully I wore Align pants even out on dates with Andrew or under dresses and tunics! They are just so dang comfy! During the Nordstrom Anniversary sale I picked up two Barefoot Dreams cardigans and I wore them ALL fall and winter. They are so comfy cozy and look perfect with leggings, jeans, boots, flats, everything. They are worth the price for sure. Even after pregnancy these continue to be worn daily.

I got this free people sweater in white and it became a staple of mine. I find that most cropped sweaters are very pregnancy friendly. Especially if you have a cute long tank top to pair with them. This really cute black dress from Anthropologie was perfect for dressy events or nights I wanted to be a little more put together. It’s so soft and easy to layer jackets over. I didn’t have to size up because it was so loose. Also from Anthropologie was this long sleeved white tunic which I wore a ton! Cute with leggings or jeans and really soft!

I did splurge on a few maternity items but I always felt good when I could find non-maternity things that I could make work too just because I knew I would wear them after as well!

Do you have any favorite non-maternity clothes for pregnancy?

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  • 38 thoughts on “Favorite Non-Maternity Clothes For Pregnancy

    1. Jolina

      I knew Lululemon was stretchy though never thought of them as maternity! And they are not cheap so being able to wear them after is a plus too. Nice. These are great picks.

    2. Summer Telban

      YAS to all of these! When I get pregnant, I’m going to try to stick to non-maternity clothes…simply for the fact they’re expensive. I’ll definitely splurge on maternity leggings though!

    3. justine

      YES! I only bought a few maternity clothes because i’m a big cheap-o, and if I can’t wear it for more than a few years – i’m not spending my money on it. that black dress from anthro is calling my name.

    4. Hannah

      These are great ideas! I think buying everything new for maternity clothes can be so expensive so it’s great to know there are certain things you can wear throughout that are super comfy and don’t necessary have to be “maternity.” Love these ideas, especially the baggy tshirts and sweaters!

    5. Diana

      I’m 34 weeks now and just assumed that my baggier shirts would fit, so I didn’t buy many maternity tops. I’m regretting that now. I’m wearing the same thing over and over, but I don’t want to purchase new clothes only to wear 5-6 weeks…Lululemon pants are a great pick!! I live in leggings 🙂

    6. Elizabeth Ann

      These are all so cute! I love that cable knit sweater! I really loved a black stretch cotton dress that I had had for years. It worked so well while I was pregnant!

    7. Divya

      I know a few friends who actually are still wearing their maternity clothes – a year or two after having their baby! I feel like you can’t really tell the difference for the most part. They just seem a little looser!

    8. Sharon

      I haven’t been pregnant so I can’t relate yet, but I do know that I won’t want to spend tons of money on clothes that I can only wear during 9 months of my life! I love these ideas for a more flexible wardrobe that can be used on days that I’m pregnant and when I just don’t feel like wearing super tight clothes haha

    9. Emily

      I love sizing up in non-maternity clothes for the early part of my pregnancy, because it’s perfect for postpartum, too! Great choices. I love the Anthro dress!

    10. Isabelle

      So relevant right now! I’m 34 weeks pregnant and the bump is getting bigger by the day! Maternity clothes tend to be pricier so I like how you can use regular clothes that you can still fit in 🙂

    11. Alexis

      This is so relatable- currently 36 weeks pregnant and finding clothes for me is so difficult for some reason! I still haven’t bought any maternity clothes (my wallet thanks me) but cardigans and sweaters have saved me.

      This was a great post!

      xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld


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