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Daily Healthy Habits

Fitness and Health · July 15, 2019

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I really try to live as healthy of a life as possible. Sure we will order the occasional Papa John’s Pizza or go get a pint of ice cream to share, but mostly I try to eat clean, exercise regularly, take my vitamins, etc. I want to share a few of my daily healthy habits as I get a lot of questions about them.

Daily Healthy Habits

Vitamins: Being pregnant I have to be super diligent about my vitamin intake. I mean pregnant or not you should be but especially right now. I take a daily prenatal vitamin as well as Omega 3 supplements and Vitamin D supplements. I am pretty vitamin D deficient so it helps a lot. I think knowing what kinds of vitamins your body needs is so important. A simple blood panel with your GP will tell you !

Water: According to my Dr you should drink half your body weight in oz of water a day. I really try to live by this. I have a huge Yeti and I try to drink 3 of them a day (more than half my body weight) but I just feel the best. I also try to do as much lemon water as possible.

Enough Sleep: I said to my mom the other day I was excited to not be pregnant anymore (for baby girl to be here) but not looking forward to the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn. Sleep is so essential for me and when Liam was an infant it was the first time I realized how badly lack of sleep can hurt your mental state. Exhaustion is so bad for depression and anxiety, two things I am prone to. I try really hard to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes this means we just can’t finish an episode of a TV show we are watching. Sometimes I have to shut the book. But you never regret a full nights sleep.

Exercise/Steps: I try to do some sort of exercise every day. Right now that’s 3-4 barre classes a week and cardio on the other days. I also try to walk a lot and get 10K steps as often as possible. I did this after I had Liam I am pretty sure that’s how all the weight came off.

Clean Food: For this I really try to go by the 80/20 rule. I really just try to eat clean foods as much as possible but I don’t deprive myself. I think depriving yourself can lead to a lot of problems. But I try to fuel my body with foods that make it feel good.

Self-Care: I know I know the self-care thing seems over done. But it’s important for me as a working mom and wife that I do something for myself each day. Some days that’s my workout, sometimes it’s taking an extra long shower and doing a face mask. Whatever it means to you, make sure you are taking SOME TIME for yourself every day.

What are some of your daily healthy habits?

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  • 17 thoughts on “Daily Healthy Habits

    1. Christa

      Having healthy habits is such a wonderful way to improve quality of life. It’s amazing how much drinking enough water and getting enough sleep can positively impact your life.

    2. Stephanie

      I do most of these except the vitamins. I try to do it when I remember but forget sometimes. My best form of exercise is riding bikes to school with my child.

    3. Bree

      I know I need more water and sleep. I have been trying to get more of both because they are so important!

    4. Nichelle

      That avocado… yuum! I try to do all you mentioned. My slack comes with exercise. I plan but never carry through. As far as the water, the more you drink, the more impurities are flushed out. Sometimes I think I over drink it. Great read!

    5. Ashley

      This is a great post. I really need to work on getting enough sleep, and enough water. I do try to drink some water each day as well as limit fast food intake.

    6. Shannon

      I try to keep my mornings quiet. I journal or watch something online for an hour. I find my mind runs at one hundred miles an hour once I’m awake and it’s very easy to eat breakfast on the go and start into the to do list. I try to keep my mornings slow for a bit and that stops me being anxious from the start if the day.

    7. Angie Emde

      One of my daily health habits is finding time for a mindfulness walk, I also aim to walk 10000 steps a day, eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Similar to your wonderful list. I think sleep is the one I need to improve on.

    8. Melanie williams

      I agree with all these. Especially the one about having enough sleep, water and getting plenty of exercise xx

    9. Kristen

      I love the idea that it is healthy habits as opposed to a diet. I totally believe that this is a lifestyle change. I love feeding my body things that fuel it as opposed to slow me down. Love these tips.

    10. Courtney

      Oooo so many great tips. I need to get better at working out. I’ve been slacking big time this summer


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