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Favorite Places To Shop For Baby Girls

Baby/Parenting · July 16, 2020

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Charlotte is almost 8 months old, and I jokingly say one of my favorite things is dressing her every day. I’ve been asked a few times where my favorite places to shop are, and while I love to shop for her, I do not love to buy super expensive things. I will splurge from time to time but I try to keep it price friendly. My favorite places to shop for baby girls grow and change from time to time but these are the places we are frequenting right now.

Favorite Places To Shop For Baby Girls

Gap: Gap is my go-to for cute basics. Their little baby girls shorts have been our favorite this summer. They also have adorable onesies and really cute outfits. I also love that there is almost always a good 40% off sale!

Old Navy: Another great place for onesies, pajamas, and basics.

H&M: My favorite overalls for Charlotte came from here. I also love their shorts as well. They also have really cute little outfit sets and the price is right.

Carters: My go-to for pajamas. I love their pajama short sets and that’s what Charlotte has been wearing this summer.

Target: I can’t resist the baby girl section. I haven’t been through a Target in quite a while but they are always my go-to for seasonal stuff.

Angeldear: I knew about Angeldear with Liam because his favorite loveys are Angeldear. But when I was pregnant with Charlotte I saw a cute ad on Facebook for some donut pajamas and had to have them. Their pajamas quickly became a favorite and she has had a few in every size. They also have ADORABLE little outfits, blankets, bibs, and more.

Nordstrom: I mostly got Charlotte things at Nordstrom during last year’s anniversary sale. Like her baby bling bows, and things from Kissy Kissy, Kickee, Tucker and Tate, and Peek.

Rufflebutts: My go-to for her swimsuits. She has 2 and they are absolutely precious.

Hanna Andersson: I was a big HA fan with Liam and he had their zip up pajamas until he outgrew them. For her, I love the pajamas and their play dresses.

Smockingbird Clothing: Great place to get smocked goodness, bloomers, and matching kiddo outfits.

Resale Sites: This may surprise most of you but I get the majority of Charlotte’s things no matter the brand from Kidizen (a great resale app) and our local resale Facebook groups. I have snagged some amazing things for her brand new!

I am sure I missing some places and I for sure find random boutiques and shops online all the time but these are my go-to places and the places I think you get the best bang for your buck!

Where are your favorite places to shop for baby girls?

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  • 7 thoughts on “Favorite Places To Shop For Baby Girls

    1. Stephanie

      We do a lot of our shopping at Kohl’s (my MIL has a card, so she gets lots of discounts) and I get a lot from Walmart. My boys go through clothes quickly, so I always go for cheap clothes. I also get a lot on my community facebook page, sometimes even for free!

    2. chad

      omg these are the cutest ever!!! We don’t have a baby now but my best friend just delivered her first baby girl…Flipping her your post, thank you.

    3. Brandy at Fun Country life

      I so miss shopping for baby girl clothes. They’re just so much fun to shop for! Boys are cool too, but I remember having the most fun for my daughter when she was a baby. This is an excellent list of places to shop for baby girl clothes.

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I will keep your recommendations in mind when the time comes that I would have a granddaughter. I would really love to shop for little baby dresses and ribbons and lace socks!


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