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Favorite Sweatshirts For Fall

Fashion · October 5, 2020

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Fashion blogger, I am not. I always joke that I can be a fashion blogger if it’s just athleisure since that’s what I wear about 99% of the time. One of my friends recently asked me if I had seen any cute sweatshirts online, she was looking. I sent her links to a ton then realized I should compile them in a blog post. I know so many of us are mostly buying comfy things to wear since we are mostly at home. I have so many favorite sweatshirts for fall this year (too many) so I am only going to share the ones I really really love.

Favorite Sweatshirts For Fall

One of my favorite places to get sweatshirts is Aerie. They are always great prices and so comfy. This cropped pullover with a pocket has been on constant rotation for me this year. Also, it’s currently on sale for 30% off!

While the Anine Bing sweatshirts are a big of a splurge, I did get this one last year around Christmas. I have worn it a ton so I feel like cost per wear it works.

I have two of these Urban Renewal tie-dye sweatshirts from Urban Outfitters and I actually cropped them! I do not LOVE bands around the bottoms of sweatshirts and I almost always cut them off with fabric scissors. it’s really easy I plan to post a tutorial soon. These are incredibly soft.

This is another tie-dye super soft favorite! It’s from Etsy and I actually loved it so much I purchased one for my best friend for her birthday this year. You can have them embroidered with whatever you want and I cropped this one as well.

I got this Treasure and Bond graphic sweatshirt a month or so ago and I have been wearing it a ton! It’s very soft and price friendly. It also feels very fitting for this time in our political climate.

I love a distressed pullover and this one from Alo is giving me life. I included a link to it in my newsletter Friday (sign up here!!!) and it’s 50% off right now and comes in 3 cute colors.

One of my big splurges last year was this Sundry pullover (on sale now). I love the cropped, the leopard heart, its just so cute and I always get compliments when I wear it.

So many great sweatshirts for fall here to snag  and so many of them are currently on sale! Let me know if you decide to grab one, I’d love to know!


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  • 10 thoughts on “Favorite Sweatshirts For Fall

    1. Josie | The Cheetah Buzz

      I really like the embroidered love sweater. It is so minimalistic but it definitely gets the message across without drawing so much attention. The placement of the words on the sweater is really smart and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for sharing xxx

    2. Holly Poulsen

      I currently love every single thing tie dye! Being from the Midwest it really is sweatshirt weather just about all year but it’s always a good excuse to buy some new things in the fall!

    3. Stephanie

      I am also in athleisure clothing most of the time, too. Unless I am subbing at the elementary school, but as soon as I get home I am back in my comfies. I can’t wait for sweater season here. I tried wearing a light jacket when taking the boys to the playground this morning but very quickly had to take that off as it warmed up fast.

    4. Elizabeth O

      For me, the one criteria in a sweatshirt is that it be bulky and soft. I’m not a fan of thin sweatshirts that don’t keep you warm in the cool season. Your selections above look very nice.

    5. Jennifer Prince

      Love the black crop! I don’t quite have the tummy confidence to wear it, but with a high waistband, I’d be so rocking it!

    6. Stephanie

      I’m a sucker for a good pullover or hoodie during just about any time of year (mostly since I’m always indoors and they’re cozy). I have a few favorites in my closet, but no one is saying I can’t add more haha! The tie-dye one is probably my favorite here.


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