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Favorite Tech Accessories

Life · October 10, 2019

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For the longest time, the signature on my email from my phone said “oh so tech savvy from my iPhone.” The irony is I don’t consider myself very tech savvy at all. When it comes to any tech questions I turn to my husband. He is one of the smartest people I know, especially with technology. However, over the last several years I have come (mostly through him) to know what tech accessories I like and use a lot. I wanted to share my favorite tech accessories with you guys today because with the holidays coming up I think so many of these would make great gift ideas for yourself or for friends and family.

Favorite Tech Accessories

Obviously I am a huge iPhone fan. I have a new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I got the 64 GB one because I have honestly never needed more than that. I back all my photos up to Google Photos which I highly suggest if you are looking for storage space. I have the app on my phone so I can access the pics anytime I need them. To go along with my iPhone aside from a screen protector and a case that I suggest to anyone who, like me, drops their phone a lot I also use a go strap and sometimes a case that has a holder for a few cards. I think both of these are awesome options.

I have had my iPad mini for a few years and I love the size. Since I mostly use it for reading it’s perfect. However, there are times when I am traveling that I like having a keyboard. So I love the iPad mini case that comes with a keyboard attachment. It makes blog work on the go seamless.

I love my Airpods. I constantly say that they were one of my best purchases last year. I use them every day at the gym, I use them at home when I want to listen to a podcast while working. I use them at the nail salon while I’m being antisocial 😉 Recently I got a silicone Airpods case and I am loving it! Such a great accessory.

Contrary to the last 3 sections and my love letter to Apple I do not have an Apple Watch. I actually prefer the Fitbit. I have a Fitbit Versa and I think it’s a great alternative if you aren’t into the idea of an Apple Watch.

For travel, there are a few things I find absolutely necessary. An Anker wall charger with several USB ports to charge all the things. I also LOVE my Anker portable charger. This one is HUGE and great for trips.

Are you a tech lover? What are some of your favorite tech accessories?

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  • 13 thoughts on “Favorite Tech Accessories

    1. Stephanie

      I have, use, and love most of these too! I do have to admit I love my Apple Watch, but I have the oldest one, but my in-laws are getting me a new one for Christmas. My ipad mini may also be getting replaced soon since it’s also old and runs very slow. My husband and I were just talking about getting a portable charger for travel, so I will have to look at the one you suggested.

    2. Melanie williams

      Ooo wow so many fab tech bits and bobs here for sure. I love the look of the earphones – the Airpods look cool too xx

    3. Elizabeth O

      You won’t believe this but I clicked on one of those gadget links hours ago and was lost to the world for quite some time. I’m back to say yes, they can be magical and help us get through our day with ease.

    4. Courtney

      Oooo so many goodies!!! Iove my AirPods too! I didn’t think I would like them at first but now I’m hooked!!


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