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Favorite Workouts To Do At Home

Fitness and Health · June 8, 2018

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I wrote a post recently and a commenter asked about my favorite workouts to do at home! I thought it was a great post idea, and I also wanted to share an updated at home workout routine now that Liam is a little older and my time is limited some days!

Favorite Workouts To Do At Home

Yoga: This is one of the easiest workouts to do at home! My favorite YouTube for yoga is Sarah Beth Yoga. She has awesome workouts by category and time.

Barre: I have had the same Barre DVDs for maybe 7 years! They are just Pure Barre DVDs and I love them! They are about 40 minutes and very similar to a class. These are great to do when Liam is napping or early morning. Andrew installed a barre bar on our wall in the playroom for me to use and I have 3 lb weights.

Elliptical: I know everyone doesn’t have an elliptical at home, but if you do highly suggest doing a 30 minute elliptical workout. I feel like I get a great workout that way.

Walking: No time to walk outside? Baby napping? Weather bad? No worries, walk inside! We have a big island in our kitchen and there have been days I will walk it for an hour!

Resistance Bands: These are great to do a butt or leg workout.

Abs: Even if you only have 10 minutes you can do some ab workouts. So many different things to do.

Need a workout but aren’t sure what to do? Use Aaptiv! I have been using it for a few months and it’s like having a personal trainer with music in your ear! There are short and long workouts and every type you can imagine. No equipment, equipment, running, elliptical, abs, and more! Love it!

What are some workouts to do at home you like?

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  • 12 thoughts on “Favorite Workouts To Do At Home

    1. Anji

      thank you for sharing, best ideas for home workout, daily am doing abs is there any youtube videos channel for abs I want the best results.

    2. Scott

      We’ve considered buying an elliptical for the home since that’s what we use the most at the gym. It would save us so much time!

    3. Madi Rowan

      It’s so funny because some days I love working out at home & some days I hate it & cannot bring myself to do it, would much rather go to the gym or take a class!

    4. ShootingStarsMag

      I can never do the elliptical. No matter what, I try and do it and think I’m going to be sick. I think it’s the movement that agitates me. LOL The rest sound good though!! 🙂

    5. Alexis

      Pinning this post for post-baby! I’m all about finding a good at-home workout routine since I won’t be able to take our babe to the gym with me.


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