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Five Things Every Blog Post Needs

Blogging · March 22, 2018

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Well I am 9 years into blogging and over 2500 posts later I think I can share a few things about five things every blog post needs.

five things every blog post needs

Five Things Every Blog Post Needs

A Catchy Title: You want people to click on your post but you don’t want to be deceptive (no click bait!). So make it catchy, something people want to click on and read, and share ultimately.

Great Images: You don’t necessarily need A LOT of images, so this is a quality over quantity thing in my opinion. Just make sure you have a pin-able image so that if people want to pin your post it does well and others can find it on Pinterest.

Helpful Information: What are you putting IN the blog post? Are you giving your readers helpful info about a product, place, item, or idea? Make sure whatever you are sharing you are giving the most helpful information possible.

Something others can’t offer: To piggy back off the above, yes there might be 500 blog posts about what to pack in a diaper bag or what items to take on a beach vacation, but YOU offer something different. YOU have your perspective and point of view which is unique. So even if the idea has been done remember that you have a different take so offer something others can’t!

A Closing Question: I try to close every blog post with a question because I truly love connecting with my readers. So many times comments have turned into days of emailing back and forth about books, podcasts, movies, and more! So close with a question and see what comes of it!

I know that every blog post may require additional items but I think these five things every blog post needs are the bones of what they should have!

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  • 24 thoughts on “Five Things Every Blog Post Needs

    1. Kristin

      These are all fantastic! Avoiding the clickbait title is so important for keeping readers and growing organically.

      My issue is often a pinnable post. I’m very lazy about that!

    2. Zoë

      I completely agree with everything you said! I love photos in a blog post, but sometimes people spam it with loads of crappy photos! Definitely quality over quantity as you said! I always end every post with a question because I LOVE chatting to others too!! Very helpful post! Loved it! xx

    3. jill

      Great tips! I Always try to add a pin-able image so I can put it up on pintrest after I post it. I never used to do it but it really seems to make a difference of getting your posts noticed after the fact.

    4. Wendy

      It can be hard sometimes to continue to come up with the right trending topics while still sticking with what you love to write about. I agree that great titles are a must as are photos! Just starting over here so these tips are very helpful, thank you!

    5. Mary Jingjing Mortos Lopez

      I agree with all your tips. Every time I make a draft I always make sure to have something unique in my post and so with that my readers will be interested to read only mine 🙂 funny truth but thats how it should be.

    6. Tami

      I am still on the search for what I want to write about. I am currently a book blogger, but I just don’t know what I have to offer beyond that.

    7. ellen beck

      I so agree about the last one. Having a question or a ‘what do you think” at the end and then connecting to your readers is so important. Some do a fantastic job of this, others it is like they might as well close comments, you wont get a response on any social platform!
      I appreciate bloggers who answer back if I pose a question. I certainly dont need a response if I am just commenting, bu it is nice to see engagement.
      I know life for us all is very busy, but as a reader if we have taken our time to comment it is refreshing to see a response now and again.

      One other thing you do that I notice , is you dont overwhelm your readers with auto tweets or auto posts on other platforms. I mean you might mention it once, but it isnt a flood . You also present new material and dont rehash something you wrote 3 years ago.

      Nice post Neely!

    8. Heather

      Great tips! I try to ask myself what readers will “get” after reading my posts. Even if I’m the 501st post on diaper bags they’ve read, I want there to be a good takeaway.

    9. Annemarie LeBlanc

      These are all great tips. I like that idea of ending a blog post with a question. That would make it easier for readers to interact and share their views. I think I will apply that to my next blog post. Thank you for teaching me something new today.

    10. Julie

      Great tips! I like starting a post an ending a post with a question. I nominated you for the Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award! You can check it out on my blog.

    11. Claudia

      I’m really trying to up my BP photos and add more evergreen content to my site, so these are some great tips to keep in mind!

      Claudia |

    12. robert

      This is an very useful and helpful article for all the bloggers.Thanks for sharing really great effective tips that blogger must remember while writing a blog post.


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