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34th Birthday Wish List

Life · March 21, 2018

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I am turning 34 in a few weeks and the number used to really freak me out. But now having a toddler for some reason has made me really embrace it. I truly feel like you are only as old as you feel and I do not feel 34! One thing I love to do each year is make a birthday wish list. Truly all I want this year is Mexican food and a nap, but alas there are other items I wouldn’t be upset to receive. So here is my 34th birthday wish list.

34th Birthday Wish List

I have a few pairs of shoes on here and let me be the first to say shoes are EXACTLY what I do not need. I have been lusting after a pair of Chloe flats for years and I really just want them in the classic black because they will go with everything! These new Nike’s are SO FUN and I really need a good sturdy shoe for BBG. I love Birkenstocks in the summer and these rose gold ones are SO fun!

I actually do need a card case for my smaller handbags. This one is very cute and classic.

I have been super into Old Navy activewear lately! My favorite workout pants right now are these and I would love another pair.

Lululemon tracker shorts are my go to in the summer months and I really want a white pair!

While we are on the subject of workout wear these Zella crops are so fun and would be perfect for yoga and barre.

The only two beauty items I really would love is the Aerin perfume rollerball that seems like the perfect spring/summer scent! This Tom Ford bronzer is crazy expensive and I would never buy it myself but I would not complain if someone got it for me 🙂

The only thing I really asked for was a day to myself. I want to get a massage, read, and take a nap.

If someone wants to get me a gift card, Starbucks and mani/pedi gift cards are always a good idea! So is Target!

What is something on your wish list?

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  • 30 thoughts on “34th Birthday Wish List

    1. Sara

      I bought a pair of Chloe flats right after I got married, and I loved those shoes. Once I broke them in, it was like they were an extension of my foot. I wore a hole into them before I finally retired them, lol.

    2. Wendy

      Well, honey, I’m 50 and THAT feels old!! However, I do love rose gold and live in my running/walking sneakers. As a teacher my feet have to be treated well. I also agree with you that we are as old as we feel! I try very hard to stay active so whether or not I look old on the outside, I feel pretty damn good for a 50-year-old. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

    3. Charity

      Happy early birthday! I hope you get everything on your list! 🙂 I’m wishing for a spa day for my birthday this year. I really want that Tom Ford bronzer, too!

    4. Katie

      My birthday is in a few weeks. I hadn’t even thought about what I would want. Can I say a steady income again? haha! But really a spa day with a massage and pedicure, yoga clothes, and Trader Joes, Starbucks or Target gift cards are always pretty safe bets for me too!

    5. Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries

      I love your running shoe selection. I just purchased some blush pink running shoes last month and have absolutely loved them! I have young children, so I still feel young even if I’m not as young as I used to be! I’m at the stage of life where babies of family friends that were born when I was a teen are now graduating from high school!!!

    6. ShootingStarsMag

      Happy Early Birthday. I love making wish lists, even if I don’t actually get anything from them. I just got some work out stuff this past weekend from Old Navy and I’m excited!


    7. Brooke

      I love Old Navy activewear too! I can’t even count how many pairs I have since I’ve been buying them for years. And happy birthday!!

    8. Rebecca

      I hope you get everything on your list and more! I too have been LOVING Old Navy’s activewear lately. It seems to fit better than a lot of other lines!

    9. Peter

      Happy birthday to you!! My wife’s 34th is around the corner and you just gave me great ideas. Thanks!

    10. Brandy

      I love your 34th birthday wish list. I am turning 37 in October, man I didn’t even realize I was there yet! Ha! I hope that you get everything you want and more on your birthday 🙂

    11. Julie

      Happy soon birthday! Target is always a good idea. Who doesn’t love going to Target? lol That navy card case is cute. Love the flats too. I’m going to get myself a new pair this year.

    12. Lynn Winter

      Happy Almost birthday. Girl zella legging are my jam. but I too asked for a day to myself for my last birthday. you need it. deserve it. enjoy it.


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