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13 Spring Date Ideas

Life · Married Life · March 26, 2018

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Having an energetic one year old can leave little time for dates. With spring here (my favorite season) there are so many more possibilities for date time, so we are making it a huge priority. I wanted to share 13 spring date ideas that would be fun for anyone!

13 Spring Date Ideas

  1. Plan a hike: If you live somewhere that you can hike seriously take advantage of it. We have tons of great walking trails here which is good enough for now.
  2. Go to an outdoor concert: Always such fun, and even better if you can find some free ones.
  3. Go to an outdoor movie: Such a fun thing to do in a group!
  4. Take a walk around nature preserves or the Arboretum: One of our favorites.
  5. Visit a museum: If you have outdoor sculpture gardens that is really fun too!
  6. Go fishing: Usually free and always fun!
  7. Head to the lake for a day: So much to do on the water.
  8. Cook dinner together: Romantic, and cost effective!
  9. Go on a picnic: Pack something yummy and don’t forget the wine!
  10. Go wander around an outdoor mall: hold hands and window shop.
  11. Sit on a patio and grab drinks: When the weather is perfect this can be the best.
  12. Go to a coffee shop and sit outside: Bonus if you grab brunch too!
  13. Have a backyard date: grill out, light a fire in a fire pit and roast marshmallows. Enough said.

So tell me which of these spring date ideas you’re going to try first?

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  • 38 thoughts on “13 Spring Date Ideas

    1. Stevie

      Loving all of these great date ideas! Can you believe I have never been to a concert? It’s on my bucket list to attend a concert that is outdoors actually and I’m hoping I can make it this year! I think it would be so fun! Another date idea that I absolutely love is a date on an outdoor patio! Since I work in a hospital, just being outside is so refreshing because 12 hours in a building when the sun is already going down by the time I’m out, makes me feel like I never see daylight! Thanks for all the great ideas!

    2. Doma

      Nice ideas. My husband & I, go on a date once a month- we take a half day off work and go around the city or have coffee together in peace with kids playing in daycare.

    3. hey sharonoox

      These are great ideas! We’re planning to take a short trip this week. Visiting museum and taking a walk by the river sounds like fun. So date night is happening! Thanks!

    4. Nellwyn

      I love the idea of going for a hiking date or a picnic. It’s still so chilly here in Toronto but I’m counting down the days until we can finally enjoy the warmer weather

    5. Dawn B

      Not only a good idea for male dates but a family day as well. I am currently single so I go out from time to time with my single cousin Caitlin. And we walk around from walmart to dollar tree and goodwill and grab lunch and starbucks. we have a blast. And its just us to girls normally. And yet its a fun date.

    6. Najah

      I love the lake Idea! My husband and I used to drive up to the lake all the time last summer, so glad it’s getting warm enough for us to continue the tradition. Love this post!

    7. Katie

      I live really close to some amazing hiking trails so the boyfriend and I are definitely excited for some spring and summer hikes in my area!

    8. Kristin's Peppermints and Cherries

      All of your suggestions are simple and very doable! We went on a walk through the botanical gardens in our area last weekend, and it was so fun and beautiful! My husband was just looking to purchase a fire pit the other day, so number 13 may be on our list!

    9. Joline

      I’d love to start going on picnics again! Though spring up here is usually still too cold to do anything outdoorsy. I’d keep this list for summer as well.

    10. Breyona H Sharpnack

      Going to the museum is one of my favorites! We have a membership to one and they switch out the exhibits every three months so there is always something fresh to see and learn about together!

    11. Lauren

      These are sooo fun! A few we have done, but who doesn’t love another picnic! And that made me realize I need to look into some concerts! Thanks for these!

    12. Scott

      The way our Spring started off, we won’t be doing much of those outside things any time soon. We got 10 inches of snow in one day!

    13. Nancy L.

      LOVE your suggestions!I always forget to go visit our wonderful museums and the art museum can be very calming and romantic when on a date. I also love to go to parks.

    14. Jeanine

      So many great ideas! My husband and I don’t do dates often, and when we do we have to do them at home. So some of these will really work for us!

    15. Julie

      My husband and I are ready for any type of date. When it is nicer out (and the snow is gone), we like to light a fire in the backyard in the summer time and enjoy our time alone while are girls are asleep.


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