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Friday Favorites

Fall · Food/Fitness · Inspire · Life · Relationships · TV · Wedding · September 26, 2014

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Friday Favorites


Oh my gosh TGIF am I right?

This week I have a few Friday Favorites to share with you so I hope you are ready. Are you ready??? OK let’s do it!

1. Friends turned 20: WHAT? How is the first episode of friends 20 years old!? There have been a ton of fun things on the internet this week about it but I wanted to share my favorite.

2. New Fall TV: OMG guys Fall TV is finally back. Can I get an AMEN? Parenthood, Gotham, Red Band Society, Greys, Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder, Madam Secretary I could go on and on. So many new good shows and old favorites back and I am just so happy to have a full DVR of fun.

3. New King Sized Bed: Andrew and I got a brand new king sized bed this week(more on that in a different post) and we are LOVING it! We registered for King Size sheets and a comforter and we got all of them so we were ready when the bed was delivered on Tuesday. So much room!

4. Working Out Again: When I got my concussion I had to be super careful for at least a week so this week I got to work out again. Obviously I started slowly but it’s nice to be back to my daily routine of workouts because they honestly make me feel so much better. I hear a body pump class calling my name next week!

5. Emma Watson: Ummmm have you seen this? She is amazing. That is all.

Those are my favorite things this week and I am so looking forward to a weekend of nothing….hopefully. 2 weeks till our Wedding? WHAT!?

What are you up to this weekend?

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  • 37 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Ashleigh W

      LOVE all of this! Hard to believe Friends is 20!! And I still love it!! Also obsessing over new TV shows – wish they were a little more spreadout during the week! Have a great weekend!

    2. Alli

      Love Emma Watson, Friends and Scandal. Truth be told: I fell asleep during Scandal and I’ll have to watch it again tonight! It wasn’t because it was boring. It was recorded and I thought I would watch it in bed. Oh, well, the part I saw was awesome. 🙂

    3. tianna

      lovely roundup! I loved that speech with Emma Watson – so great! Also, yes FALL TV! Have you seen Sleepy Hollow? I’m obsessed 😀 Also can’t wait for AHS, Grimm, Resurrection and Once Upon A Time to come back soon!

      If you’re curious, here are my Friday Favorites:

    4. Nancy

      I feel so old that Friends is 20 years old now! That’s such a good TV show – always cracks me up. Jennifer Anniston still looks the same. Lady ages well!

    5. Fi

      I’m with you on the Friends turning 20 and the working out again, it’s great to be getting active isn’t it? Better when the colder weather sets in 🙂

    6. Lana Lou

      Emma Watson is so classy in that speech. She is definitely my new favorite actress because the person she is off the screen is even better than the person she is on screen. She looked so elegant, classy, and driven. GIRL POWER!

    7. Amby Felix

      I know this is so weird but I’ve never watched Friends lol I would like to though. Congrats on your wedding and oh yea… I love the feeling of a new super king sized bed ^_^

    8. Alyssa

      I never watched Friends, but I’m wondering if it’s on netflix because I need a new show and I’ve heard so many awesome things about it! (: I’ll have to check

    9. Rebekah

      So excited about fall TV – Gotham is fabulous!
      Yay for a kingsized bed, we need to buy one, especially with the kids climbing in to it regularly – there just isn’t enough room in a queen!


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