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Game Changing Baby Items

Baby · July 11, 2018

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After being a mom for nearly a year and a half I have used many products and gone through A LOT of trial and error with items and products. But every now and then we will use an item that is a complete game changer! I want to share some of the game changing baby items we have discovered the last year and a half.

game changing baby items

Game Changing Baby Items

Johnson’s Head To Toe Wipes: Thank you to my amazing sister-in’law for this tip. When we were in Houston around Thanksgiving my sister-in-law gave me a pack of these. They are SO GREAT for travel or for quick clean ups. They are essentially a giant baby wipe infused with Johnson’s head to toes baby wash.

Sound Machine: I have talked about our sound machine a ton of times, but let me tell you why it’s a game changer. Unlike a lot of baby sound machines this one stays on ALL THE TIME. Or until you turn it off. It doesn’t run on a timer to turn off in 30 minutes. So we leave it on all night and all during naps.

OXO Bibs: These aren’t anything new but I’m going to tell you WHY they are a game changer. When we travel with Liam he still needs to eat duh! So what do we do when your travel stroller doesn’t have a snack tray or you are on a plane and it’s not easy for them to have a plate? You put the food IN THE BIB. Yep he figured out how to use the bib as a plate of sorts and it was such a game changer for us.

Blippi: So we don’t let Liam watch a ton of TV, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. By desperate times I mean teething, ear infections, and travel. He loves Blippi and we have no idea why. We love it because it’s educational. He has learned SO MUCH! For example he counts to 10, knows his colors, and half the letters. Highly recommend.

Elmo Letters: I saw this on Ali Fedotowsky’s Instagram for her little girl and knew my Elmo loving little boy needed them. Mind you he doesn’t love watching Elmo, just loves all the Elmo toys. This is great for teaching kids letters and colors!

Amazon Echo: While not a baby product per say, it is a great product if you have a baby. Usually I realize we are out of something we need while I’m making lunch for Liam and can’t really stop to add it to a shopping list or he’s screaming and I can’t put it down. I can say “Alexa add milk to the shopping list.” He also loves the Sesame Street feature to talk to Elmo about letters. Plus he loves hearing Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake on Amazon music. We have 3!

Keekaroo: I have spoken about this maybe 10 times on the blog. Hey Keekaroo let’s talk 🙂 But seriously this is one of the best if not THE BEST product we have purchased! It’s what we use for our changing pad, and the amount of laundry we haven’t had to do because of it is insane. I have seen a lot of dupes of it out there but I still think this is the best.

“Car” Toys: So I mean this two fold, toy cars yes but also toys that are JUST FOR THE CAR. When I am at Target I usually grab an inexpensive toy or two and these are the toys we keep in the car. He only plays with them in the car so he doesn’t get sick of them. I rotate them out and he is always excited to go in the car. This is great for any kid who gets car fussy.

Do you have any game changing baby items you would add to this list?

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  • 20 thoughts on “Game Changing Baby Items

    1. Ashley at Armadillo Bulldog

      I’ve been drooling over the keekaroo since I first started researching baby products and had definitely talked myself out of it (so much $$$!) but you’ve got me eyeing it again. I’m definitely going to invest in the Johnson’s wipes though, great tip!

    2. Alex

      We don’t have kids yet, but we are planning to start trying soon, so I’m definitely saving this to read later on!! Thanks so much for posting

    3. Joline

      My nephew and my niece love those bouncy swing things (obviously I’m not a mom lol). They stop crying when they’re on it. They fall asleep there. They’re just all around happy!

    4. Brandy

      I loved finding game changing baby items. I didn’t have a whole lot of money back then when I was raising babies but I knew of some awesome items. Glad you are sharing some of todays options for new parents to get their hands on !

    5. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My grandson recently discovered the educations videos on youtube. His favorite channel is the Fun Toys Media. He also occasionally watches Blippi. Both have helped him learn so much and develop his language too. When we babysit for him, he asks for “boom boom” which means the thunder sound on our sound machine. He just loves falling asleep to the sound of thunder and rain.

    6. christine

      It is amazing how quickly the baby necessities change. My kids are 9 & 6 and already the items are drastically different. Agreed w/ a sound machine. My kids still to this day enjoy listening to the sound machine or soothing music from our Alexa when going to sleep.

    7. Alicia

      These are great products it sounds like. For me, I have 4 kids and my youngest is 15 months and my game changer baby item would probably be the highchair or an all in one carseat.

    8. Tami

      I’m borrowing your idea of toys just for the car. My 5-year-old grows bored with toys so this would be a perfect way to keep him off the electronics in the car.

    9. Whitney

      Its amazing how many products for baby there are and how fast the “it” products change! I swear by our sound machine.

    10. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My husband and I have a sound machine. That really works for us, and if it does wonders for adults to have a restful sleep, I am sure it will do the same for babies! I don’t have young ones anymore but I will recommend these items to friends and family who have babies and toddlers.


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