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Holiday Accessories

Fashion · Sponsored Post · December 23, 2016

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Between Christmas and New Years there are SO MANY holiday events on people’s calendars. It can be hard to navigate affording outfits and accessories so that you aren’t showing up to the events with similar people looking the same. That’s what’s so great about Phillip Gavriel jewelry. You can easily take a similar color palette of holiday outfits and dress it up with your holiday accessories.

Holiday Accessories

I think it can be stressful for women especially around this time of year because not only are you spending a lot of money on holiday gifts but you need different outfits for each event. Phillip Gavriel New York has truly gorgeous pieces. I am using the three below to dress up my holiday party outfits.

I feel like this ring would be the perfect compliment to a work holiday party. You are probably going right from the office to the party in many cases and you want something you can easily wear to work. I love that this ring is fun and still understated. I think it gives a lot of sparkle without being too much.

Plus, it looks great with holiday decor!

This next ring is a little more WOW. It would be great to wear to a weekend holiday party with friends or out on New Years Eve. It looks great with pretty much any color you are wearing and really stuns. It’s a great conversation starter that you are sure to be complimented on and asked about over and over as the night goes on. Plus you can wear it again and again.

I love that this bracelet could easily be worn with either ring, on it’s own, or paired with jewelry you already have. It really is the perfect versatile everyday piece that would also be fabulous with a holiday party outfit. I could see this being worn with dresses or even a long sleeve sweater and a fabulous pair of leather leggings for a more fun look.

I have a super hard time finding bracelets that fit well because I have really small wrists. I know a lot of girls have this issue and this bracelet easily works with small wrists.

Phillip Gavriel (Jewelry) is available at, where you can find all the pieces shown above plus SO MANY MORE! All the items in the woven collection are completely constructed by hand. Everything is genuine and precious, only real gold, sterling silver, precious sapphires, and natural diamonds are used to make every piece of Phillip Gavriel- nothing synthetic or manmade EVER. So you know you are truly getting the best quality for your money! So important when investing in jewelry. It really is a lot more affordable than similar pieces I have seen elsewhere.

These are truly pieces that I would buy myself or share with friends/family to purchase!

To check the pieces out for yourself you can use the Phillip Gavriel Store Locator to find Phillip Gavriel at Ross Simons.

Which Phillip Gavriel piece is your favorite?

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  • 30 thoughts on “Holiday Accessories

    1. Amanda Cross

      Obsessing over that bracelet! It looks like such a versatile piece that you can pair with SO MANY items. I can just imagine that with bangles or a pearl bracelet. So cute!

    2. Tami Qualls

      Awe, you are accessorizing using my favorite colors. I wear rings more than anything, so I’m loving this naturally.

    3. Lisa Rios

      I am hearing about Phillip Gavriel for the first time and my goodness these accessories are just stunning. They are of great quality, both the ring & the bracelet looks so good for you.

    4. Elizabeth O

      I love bracelets, and so that beautiful one on your wrist caught my eye… Years ago, I used to get the catalog from the company you mentioned. I remember they had nice things.


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