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Winter Favorites

Life · December 26, 2016

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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s Christmas? Ours was wonderful, relaxing, and filled with family. We had my parents over and had a great day of gifts, movies, and amazing food! Hard to believe next year we will have a 10 month old baby for Christmas! Today as we start to wrap up December (crazy!) I am sharing my winter favorites. Even though winter started technically only a few days ago it’s been cold for a long while so it counts, right?

winter favorites

Winter Favorites

Food: I am addicted to apple slices and kettle corn. Not necessarily together haha. I probably have at least one or two 100 calorie bags of smart pop kettle corn a day. It’s such a great snack and always so tempting. Plus it smells AMAZING! Bonus it’s also pretty good for you! Also, the Halo Top ice cream in Mint Chocolate Chip… OMG!

TV: Nashville is coming back in a week and the first hour of the first episode aired a couple of weeks ago. You guys after watching it I am so stinkin excited! Also a new season of Teen Mom 2 is about to start, as well as The Bachelor. Thank God I have these shows to entertain me the last few weeks of pregnancy. I also binged The Crown on Netflix a while back. Highly highly recommend!

Podcasts: I am pretty much listening to the same podcasts mentioned here and here. All of my fav podcasts have had tons of Gilmore Girls revival episodes lately and it’s been so fun. I am so behind on so many though!

Books: I give book recs so often so for sure check out my books tab to see what I am reading! I am always looking for new titles, so please comment below with your favs.

Beauty: Right now I am doing A LOT of face masks. The winter is very hard on my skin and it gets super dry. My favorite is the Boscia Charcoal Mask. Also can’t get enough lip products with how cold it is. Check out my favorites here.

Baby: We are starting to get all the final things for baby boy. We have our two last baby showers in early January, but we got an early gift from 4moms! They sent me a bounceRoo for little guy. Use codeΒ 4NEELY50 for 50% off a bounceRoo through the end of the year! We put it together and tried it our with our little elephant friend pictured below. It’s currently awaiting baby boy, and we can’t wait for him to have hours of fun in it! This would make a GREAT baby gift!

It Starts with Coffee Exclusive! Take 50% off the bounceRoo with code: 4NEELY50

Random: Can napping be considered a winter favorites item? If so then napping. Just all the naps.

What are some of your winter favorites? Let me know!

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  • 18 thoughts on “Winter Favorites

    1. Meghan

      Man today my favorite activity was taking a nap!! I did go see Star Wars and ate a half of a large tub of popcorn. You’re way more controlled with your 100 cal kettle corn. I have been so out of control this holiday season!

    2. Lisa Rios

      Christmas is always so much fun and it was amazing this year as well. It is great to hear you had a wonderful time as well with your parents being around. It is going to be so much fun when you have your baby next year and most of your winter favorites are my favorites too!

    3. Elizabeth O

      I hope your new year will be filled with wondrous things. I love your way of sharing your favorites. Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚

    4. Farrah

      Yay for face masks! I’ve been meaning to use em’ a bit more so as to stop skimping on taking care of my skin. Gotta delve into the pile of sheet masks that I have! ;P

      Off to check out those podcasts–thanks for the recs!


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