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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Dad

Holiday Gift Guide · December 3, 2018

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Happy Monday! For my gift guide today I want to share gifts for dad. I feel like dads can be hard to shop for, whether your husband is a dad (husbands are also hard to shop for) or your own dad!

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Dad

I think anything Patagonia is a great gift. Vests, Puffer coats, Pullovers, etc.

A Google Home or Amazon Alexa would also make a great gift. We actually have a Google Home and a few Echo dots. They are great for setting reminders/timers, listening to music, ordering from Amazon, even adding stuff to our grocery list!

If you need a good stocking stuffer for your husband or dad, I would say socks. These are my husbands favorite. Most guys I know love no show socks for working out.

Any kind of smart watch is great! My husband had a Fitbit but recently got this Fossil Sport smartwatch and loves it. A ton of people also love Apple watches. I think you can’t go wrong with any of them.

A good pair of leather gloves or faux leather gloves is a great gift. They are sleek, stylish, and never go out of style! A classic for anyone.

A Roku, Amazon Firestick, or Chromecast is a great gift too! We LOVE our Roku! We cut cable about 8 months ago and that’s all we use now.

A new pair of sneakers is a must! I think anyone would love those.

Every year we do a membership to Harry’s for my dad. He loves it and says they are the best razors he’s ever used!

What would make a great gift for dads in your opinion?

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  • 25 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For Dad

    1. Theresa Marie

      Great gift guide! I feel like dads can be hard to get gifts for sometimes. My dad loves watches! He collects them so we usually will buy him a new one every Christmas 😁

    2. Stephanie

      I’ve thought about getting a Fitbit for my husband. My boys and I were just talking this morning about what they want to get him for Christmas. His Apple Watch broke a while ago and we can’t afford to replace it right now, but the fitbits are a much better price point.

    3. Sarah |

      I always find it hard to shop for men in general because you’re always left with an “I don’t care what I get!” This gift guide is perfect! My dad loves his Roku, so I agree that it’s a great suggestion for others to pick up!

    4. Jennifer

      A Roku!!!! Yeessss! We so need one and my husband would love it! He is more into the gaming stuff but the rokku is a perf gift idea for dads. Queue up his shows or his kids shows and you a re good to go

    5. Flossie McCowald

      Ohhhh boy, not my hubby! Best gifts for him are things like Cook’s Illustrated subscription and/or their latest cookbook. This year, though, I’m getting him a nice set of stemless wine glasses because we (he) keep(s) breaking and/or tipping the others by accident…

    6. Margaret

      Great suggestions – love the idea of Roku. It’s a cool gadget. My husband got something similar and has been fiddling around with it for a while, trying to find great new content for us to watch.

    7. chelf

      Faux leather gloves are indeed great! Very sustainable, cruelty free and enviromentaly friendly while they keep our beloved ones warm and cosy! Great ideas!

    8. Elizabeth O

      The holidays are truly a great time to shop for gifts that can be given year round. You have a lovely selection there.


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