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Holiday Gift Guide: Secret Santa Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide · November 5, 2018

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Happy holiday season! OK OK it’s early November, but not to bombard you daily I plan to post one or two a week from now till Christmas. The first gift guide I want to share is Secret Santa gifts. I know a lot of offices, friend groups, and families do Secret Santa gifts so this seemed like a great way to start!

Holiday Gift Guide: Secret Santa Gifts

If you have a Secret Santa that maybe you don’t know very well I highly suggest the mini agave lip mask set. It’s great for anyone and would be a huge hit.

Another great idea for someone you maybe don’t know too well is a gift card. Some place like Starbucks, Amazon, or Target is a hit with anyone!

If you have an entire week of Secret Santa, a fun gift is hot cocoa k cups. We love them in our house and in chilly offices or for busy mama’s it makes a great easy gift.

These socks are hysterical and a super fun and funny gift.

Nothing is more fun than a quippy mug. This one is too cute.

If you know the person you are giving a gift to and know they like uplifting books for women I can’t recommend this one more.

A cute makeup bag is always a great gift for any gal you know.

If you know they have pierced ears and love fun earrings this pair is a great price!

Please check out my gift guides page for more ideas!

I would love to know a great idea you have for secret Santa gifts! 


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  • 29 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Secret Santa Gifts

    1. Hank Cheah

      I love mugs! Not as collectibles, I mean in a way they kinda are, but I put them to use instead of putting them up for display.
      I know I will love to get the fox mug from my secret santa.

    2. Jheelam

      “Girl, Wash Your Face” has got lots of positive reviews in few online book clubs I’ve been part of. So I’d definitely pick up this one as my Secret Santa Gift. And that foxy coffee mug is absolutely adorable. <3

    3. Stephanie

      Where was this guide years ago when I was at an office that did Secret Santa? I never knew what to get for some of my coworkers. I always told them I like socks so got some fun pairs for Christmas every year.

    4. Lois Alter Mark

      I always find Secret Santa to be super stressful so this list is definitely going to lessen the anxiety of it all! Finding a gift that is both functional and festive/fun can be difficult but these gifts all hit the mark. Thank you for the ideas!

    5. Marjie Mare

      I am grateful for your post. I usually have my list by this time, but I had so much going on lately I could not do it. Thanks for sharing that great list.

    6. Shannon

      A cute mug is an adorable idea! Who doesn’t love those! And cute Christmas socks! I was just telling my boyfriend to get my fuzzy socks before I made dinner tonight! I love socks LOL

    7. lauren stewart

      Oh. My. Goodness. LOVE those earrings!! I am definitely using this list for my Christmas shopping this year

    8. Melissa

      Great list! I’ve been hearing that the book, “Girl Wash Your Face” is a great book. I may have to add that to my wish list this year! Thanks for sharing!


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