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Holiday Gift Guide: Self-Care Time

Fitness and Health · Holiday Gift Guide · December 12, 2019

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Who doesn’t love some self-care? I think everyone should take time for it every day. I think these self-care time gifts would be perfect for a friend who’s crazy busy, a new mom, or just someone who doesn’t do a lot for themselves.

Holiday Gift Guide: Self-Care Time

If you want to do a gift card for some self-care my favorite things are a local spa (Dallas people check out Vivian’s it’s amazing). Another great option is a gift of ClassPass classes or a year-long Headspace membership to encourage meditation.

I think a great gift is a new pair of cute sneakers. My favorites are Adidas Swift Run and these are SO FUN!

To go with that I think some fancy workout socks are a great gift as well. For about 4 years the ONLY socks I wear to workout are Lululemon socks. I always ask for a few new pairs for Christmas.

If you know someone who loves yoga or is thinking of getting into yoga a great yoga mat is a great gift. I think Jade yoga mats are the best. This is the one I have.

About a year ago I got a weighted blanket and for someone with anxiety, it has been a game-changer! if you know someone who has anxiety or just a hard time calming down sometimes a weighted blanket has proved to help a ton.

For a lot of people, a favorite form of self-care may be lounging in a soft robe and doing a face mask. So this robe from Barefoot Dreams is a great option. It feels like a blanket!


What is your favorite form of self-care time?

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  • 13 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Self-Care Time

    1. Chad

      I really love this list of self care gifts, self care is everything to me everything. Thanks a lot, i will pick up a few items for my wife…and myself lol

    2. Eileen M Loya

      Time to get some items for self pampering! I’d love that plush robe. A few pairs of socks would be nice too. My Kindle Paperwhite is my best buddy during quiet me time.

    3. Nicole

      Please tell me I’m not the only one who buys a ton of stuff for myself while out shopping for the holidays! I love those sneakers and I’m always looking for a way to look cute and neat while running the momma gauntlet.


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