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How To Embrace Monday’s

Inspire · Life · May 6, 2019

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So my opinion on Monday’s may be an unpopular one, but I love them. I think Monday’s are a great way to start fresh, kiss the last week goodbye, and say “lets do this!” So I want to share my tips and tricks on how to embrace Monday’s with you guys so that you can be on team Monday with me!

How To Embrace Monday’s

  • Have a plan in place for the week: I have talked a million times on this blog about my love of lists. I keep one larger weekly list of big items and smaller daily lists. I start each list Sunday night and add to them as needed. For instance if I have a Dr appt or Liam has something going on at school I usually know far in advance. Or if I have a set of sponsored Instagram stories that needs to go live Thursday but I already know Sunday. I have those things on the lists for those days. I find that being able to see my week this way really helps me stay on track. If I know Thursday is going to be a busy day where I am out of the house a lot, I can get more done at my computer earlier in the week.
  • Don’t over schedule Monday: Nothing is worse than starting the week stressed. I try to never schedule appointments on Mondays or have too much on my plate. I try to use Monday as a day to get as much work done as possible and not be stressed.
  • Check in with your goals: Did you set monthly goals? Check on them and see how you are doing and if you need to add anything to your weekly lists.
  • Work out: #NeverMissAMonday I see it on Instagram all the time and it’s so true! If you start your week off with a good workout chances are you will keep up with good habits throughout the week. It’s also why we try to eat really well on Mondays I think it just gets us in that mindset for the week!
  • Clean: Go into the week with a clean work space, laundry done, clean towels and sheets etc. We actually do this all on Sundays as well as meal planning and meal prepping but maybe it’s easier for you to do on Mondays. Either way just start the week off with a LITERAL clean slate!

I would love to know any tips you have on how to embrace Monday’s? What do you do different? Are you a fan of Monday’s? Tell me below!

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  • 19 thoughts on “How To Embrace Monday’s

    1. Michele

      I agree with this list so much! I would not be able to function without my lists. My brain would be too cluttered. I would be useless for the rest of the week. My busiest day of the week is Sunday cleaning the house, laundry and all that jazz, buddy. I want to start my week off with the housework done, so I can focus the week on my blog and the events I have to do.

    2. Nancy L

      Excellent tips! I tend to overbook my Mondays and ugh, by the end of the day I am so stressed out and spend the entire week looking forward to the weekend again. I need to try harder not to do it.

    3. Tiffany Meiter

      I love starting with a clean slate on Mondays! I usually spend Friday’s at work finish up any items on my to do list that I can from the week. This way I can prepare for a clean slate on Monday. Same with cleaning tasks, all laundry is done on Friday or over the weekend so that Monday are clean and clear.

    4. Stephanie

      Sunday is my planning night for sure. My husband and I go over the budget/finances every Sunday and we set the calendar for the week. I also try to get up early to get myself moving, and today my son and I rode bikes to school, so got the exercise too. Overall, it’s been a pretty good Monday here!

    5. Rachel

      I am #TeamMonday too! I love Monday. I sit down on a Sunday evening with my hubby and my planner and schedule out our week. Mondays I now have a few hours to myself with my eldest in kinder and my youngest in childcare so I can smash out some work! I have to admit, I am bad at working out on Mondays…perhaps this is the new goal I need to set myself!
      Thanks 🙂

    6. Joanne

      Great advice, I always feel better getting caught up with housework etc at the weekend so I’m ready for a new week.

    7. Courtney

      Oooo so many great tips! My favorite way to conquer any tough day of the weeks is lists and schedules!!! Just stick to both and you will win the day 😉

    8. Angela Tolsma

      I love Monday’s too! They are the day everything gets slotted back into place and you get back to a normal. I love my weekends but breaking from routine sucks sometimes.

    9. Becca Wilson

      Monday used to be the day that I dreaded the most out of the week. I now love them because it is a fresh start to make new goals and crush them!

    10. Melanie williams

      Haha I heat you on this one. I try to keep my Mondays as chill as possible. However, make sure they are productive and positive too xx

    11. aisasami

      I clean my workspace (which is my apartment) on the weekend so I feel refresh. But, I am happy that this year, I have an easy work schedule at my full-time job where I can work, come home, and then go to tae kwon do with some break.

    12. Kristen

      I totally agree with you about the over scheduling. I hate having a large to do list on Monday’s. It makes it so much easier when it’s not over booked.


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