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5 Ways To Refresh Your Fitness Routine

Fitness and Health · May 8, 2019

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I love to workout but I know that’s just not true for everyone. I have some friends who hate it and do it just to do it, but if I didn’t love it I don’t think I would have stuck with it. Sometimes all it takes is a fitness routine refresh! So today I want to share 5 ways to refresh your fitness routine!

5 Ways To Refresh Your Fitness Routine

  1. Try a new class: Nothing is more fun and scary than a new workout class! I love trying them out but I know they can be a bit intimidating. My biggest tip for this is to do your research and go early! I always show up to a new class/studio 20 mins early. You usually have to sign a waver and someone can show you the equipment and give you a tour. It really takes the nervousness away.
  2. Have a friend to workout with: Another great thing if you are intimidated or if you just need to refresh your fitness routine is to have a friend workout with you! I personally like to workout alone but for classes I love having friends come! It’s so fun to have someone to commiserate with if it’s tough or just hang out with!
  3. Buy a new outfit: Nothing like buying a workout outfit that makes you feel incredible right? Go treat yourself to a new look! It doesn’t have to be expensive just has to make you feel great!
  4. Take a different path… literally: If you are a runner try a new trail or path! Or even for walking! Sometimes a change of scenery and a new challenge gives you all the refresh you need.
  5. Invest: In yourself! Maybe some new sneakers or a cool bike like the Pelaton so you can do your workouts at home! Or maybe it’s a membership to a gym or fitness studio! But if you are serious about working out these are great things to invest in.

I hope you found these ways to refresh your fitness routine helpful! What do you do to refresh yours?

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  • 19 thoughts on “5 Ways To Refresh Your Fitness Routine

    1. Julie

      These are such good tips! Trying out a new class always inspired me to get moving again. I’ll also do the different path thing when I’m feeling a little burnt out from running.

    2. Amanda @ All Day Active Life

      I love these ways to refresh a fitness routine. I have found by running a new route or in a new place I feel more energized and excited by my workout. I also think finding some new music helps too — that or sometimes just having nothing to listen to helps refresh the workout too. 🙂

    3. Stephanie

      I just got a bike for my birthday a couple of months ago and it’s motivated me to ride with my son to school since then rather than dropping him off in the car. I also enjoy classes so was disappointed when they stopped the ones in my community since there wasn’t enough participation.

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I think having an accountability partner helps a lot to keep us motivated to exercise. I haven’t been exercising lately so I will take your advice and try to get back on track.

    5. Courtney

      Oooo so many great fitness tips!!! I really need to get back on my fitness grind now that the weather is actually nice!!

    6. Melanie williams

      These are really fab tips for sure. Having a friend to work out with and trying new classes are top ones xx

    7. Bree

      When I get bored of my fitness routine I usually buy a new outfit and take a new class. It really gets me back in the mood to keep going!

    8. Becca Wilson

      All of these are some really great ideas! I love that you have mentioned how to spice things up in your routine.

    9. Nish

      I have always found short breaks to work really well. If I am not feeling it, I stop for a few days, and then am enthused once again!

    10. Flossie McCowald

      Mine shifts regularly with the seasons anyway (hard to road bike in the winter when it’s dark and cold and snowy!). But I do like trying different classes every so often to mix things up!

    11. Marysa

      I love these ideas! I really do agree that changing things up helps breathe life into an old routine. I definitely need to get back into the swing of things and need to get out of my workout rut!

    12. Nati

      These are pretty awesome suggestions! I like working out NOW, but I didn’t one year ago. Well, that might seem strange said like that, the thing is I was so OUT of shape, to the point that sitting on the floor (and getting up later) would be a physical challenge for me. I was grumpy and everything seemed a mountain! I seriously lacked energy and strength, which made everything so difficult and I hated it.
      But, stubborn as I am, I didn’t quit. I kept trying until I trained my body enough to have more strength. now everything is easier, I put myself more difficult challenges every month and I LOVE it! I love to raise up the bar on me!!


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