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Influenced By Influencers

Right before Christmas, I saw a handful of influencers talk about this one product. It was not expensive and it seemed to be amazing so I purchased it. It got me thinking, how many things have I purchased because I found them through OTHER influencers. I wanted to round up of the products and items I love where I was influenced by influencers.

Influenced By Influencers

I was Influenced by influencers to buy…

Scalp massager: So this is the product I mentioned above. I saw no less than 10 influencers rave about this and figured “well I love having my scalp massaged so sure.” You guys this is one of the best $8 I have ever spent! Not only does it feel amazing when shampooing my hair but I feel like my hair gets even cleaner!

Fleece Pullover: So I saw a ton of influencers last year post about Dudley Stephens. I ended up buying a turtleneck and also a fleece pullover. I wear both nonstop! I probably have one of them on every day and they are perfect for cold weather lounging!

Collagen Hydroslate: This is an old one but about 4 years ago I saw Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers talk about this Collagen and so I went ahead and purchased the Great Lakes Collagen Hydroslate and I have had it every single day since. Not only do I have a big canister at home but I have little packets in the car!

Weezie Towels: I saw a ton of influencers talk about Weezie towels and then I kept getting Facebook ads for them. After Charlotte was born I treated myself to a robe and fell in love with the brand. Now I have 2 robes, all of our towels are Weezie and Charlotte got a lil Weezie bathrobe for Christmas! I am also obsessed with their makeup towels. I plan to snag some pool towels for this summer too! Best towels ever!

Chappywrap blanket: I have talked about my love of Chapywrap blankets MANY times! We have 5 regular ones and each kid has 2 mini ones. We are BIG Chappywrap fans in this house. I think they are truly the best blankets ever and without other influencers posting about them around 2 years ago I would not know about them.

Touch up razors: I can’t remember who talked about these wonder razors on Instagram but they are insanely cheap and so great for any light baby fuzz hairs! I use it between my brows mostly and WOAH they are amazing!

Have you ever been influenced by influencers? I feel like pretty much everyone can say they’ve purchased something after seeing someone talk about it on social media.

I would love to know something you were influenced by influencers to buy…



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  1. Jennifer Prince wrote:

    This is a great idea! So many say that influencers are no good, but they truly do influence in my opinion. Love this proof!

    Published 1.14.21
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    I definitely think that influencers have a true influence on the way I’ve purchased things over the years. Not everything has been influenced by them and some have been because of a Facebook ad or what have you, but it’s fun to see all the items you end up collecting because someone else recommended them! That scalp massager does sound awesome!

    Published 1.15.21
  3. Influencers are amazing! I know that not all of them are great but the authentic influencers are very good in my opinion and important for PR and marketing.

    Published 1.18.21
  4. Caitlin wrote:

    I am always influenced by other influencers – even ones who don’t know they are “influencers” haha. My sister tries a lot of new products and she is always convincing me to try them too!

    Published 1.20.21