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Liam’s Favorite Things: 2 Years Old

Baby/Parenting · April 25, 2019

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Liam turned 2 in February and it’s hard to believe my baby is not a baby anymore. Instead he is a go go go active toddler who never stops. I always say he has two speeds: 100 mph and asleep. I also realized it had been quite a while since I shared Liam’s favorite things, and I wanted to be sure I had this for any other mama’s who have toddlers or if you have babies so you can prep for what kinds of things to have on hand.

Liam’s Favorite Things: 2 Years Old

Toys: A lot of these are things Liam got for Christmas. He got this sit and spin from my dad and he is obsessed with it! He also got this grocery cart and loves going to “Central Market” for groceries with it. He got a ton of puzzles for Christmas but his favorite is this shapes one. I was shocked when he could name diamond, oval, and star.  My dad got him this Mickey Mouse fire station (he is obsessed with Mickey) and we didn’t think he would play with it that much. He LOVES it! He plays with it every single day. We were at HomeGoods one day and I found this Little Tykes T-ball set for $9! I had to get it. He loves it and it’s his favorite thing to play with outside right now. This ramp racer was another Christmas hit. He can play with it for the longest time (in 2 year old terms) and not get bored.

Clothes: He pretty much lives in Nike shorts or Cat and Jack shorts, T-shirts, and these Native sneakers. He also has Nike and Adidas sneakers he loves. We use Native Jeffersons for pool, and water table type things.

Food: As far as food we are in a bit of a picky stage. Liam will eat most carbs, fruits, and veggies, but protein is tough for us. He likes peanut butter somewhat, loves eggs, but that’s about it. We use a straw cup for his milk at mealtimes and these Camelbak water bottles for during the day, school, and when we are out of the house.

Books: I am posting a comprehensive list of all our favorite books coming up but I will share that currently he is really into any book that makes noise. This Puppy Dog Pals book was a huge hit because he loves the show too! He also LOVES this 10 little dinosaurs book I got at his school book fair.

What is something your kiddo is or was into at 2 years old?

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  • 18 thoughts on “Liam’s Favorite Things: 2 Years Old

    1. Purva

      So adorable! My little one will turn 2 in June. Her fav things are changing rapidly. She loves two of her books the most: an ABC book and another one with animals. She adores penguins and bunny stuff toys. She recently lost her most fav cat toy. She used to carry it around everywhere!

    2. Arun

      Awe. Adorable kiddo. Haha my baby sis too has that grocery cart. And she would daily ask me to role play with it. Kids are picky eaters. My little sister won’t even come close to milk.

    3. Stephanie

      We have that exact same baseball tee and bat. My boys are 4 and almost-6 and still love it! They play with it almost every time they go out in the backyard.

    4. Annemarie LeBlanc

      My grandson would love that Mickey Mouse Fire Station set. He like fire trucks and trains (just like any other typical 3 year old). He also has a good pair of Adidas and Nike sneakers too, and Birkenstock sandals for warm sunny days. Raising boys are a big challenge but they can be the sweetest little humans!

    5. Ave

      My daughter loved the grocery cart when she was little too! We spend so much time playing the market! I haven’t seen the sit and spin toy before, but it looks like a lot of fun! I think I have to get one for my niece.

    6. Jazmin Williams

      Isn’t it wild how fast time goes? My nephew just turned a year old and I’m still in disbelief! Liam seems to have great taste and also some good ideas for me to consider for Christmas presents for Jonah this year!

    7. Nati

      My girl also had (and loved) her groceries spin cart when she was two!! She’ll soon turn 4 (in 3 weeks) and she’y asked for a bike!

    8. Jessie

      My daughter is three years old and her favorite toy right now is the sit and spin. She loves that thing and it keeps her occupied for a good 20 minutes. I would like to say that she has a favorite outfit but she loves to be naked. 😂

    9. Becca Wilson

      Two years old is such an amazing age to watch them grow and explore. I know that I am all the way through these days but sometimes I wish that I could go back to watch my kids all over again.

    10. Marysa

      It’s fun to see what are faves for toddlers. I am visiting a cousin on the west coast this summer and will be shopping for her 2-year–old, so I am going to use some of these for gift ideas!

    11. Kellie

      My kids are adults but I can tell you that if you can get them to eat fruits and veggies, you’ve won half the battle. Many of the veggies have more protein than meats so just feed him those veggies that he already likes. I love a kid that likes books. Like I said, my kids are grown but we all still agree the best book ever is the Real Story of the Three Little Pigs. Its hilarious!


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