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Currently Loving: April 2019

Life · April 26, 2019

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It’s hard to believe this month is almost over! I haven’t done a post about what I am currently loving in a while. I love these posts because I can share things over so many categories! Hopefully you guys get some fun ideas!

Currently Loving: April 2019

TV: I am soooo happy The Bold Type is back! It’s seriously one of my favorite shows. We are also loving Survivor and Amazing Race (this season is incredible). The past few seasons weren’t very good so we are so happy! Plus Younger and Big Little Lies and Bachelorette will be back soon! Other TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy are winding down. But I think I almost prefer summer TV!

Beauty: I am really into my Supergoop sunscreen since we have been outside more! I am also loving my First Aid Beauty mineral sunscreen moisturizer for keeping my face sun safe! Replica Beach walk is my favorite perfume for summer and I am soooo happy it comes in an affordable small spray now!

Fitness: Super into doing barre right now. I feel like I go through barre phases and I am in one right now. Also enjoying walks in this gorgeous weather with my boy.

Fashion: Living in Lululemon tracker shorts, tank tops, light pullovers, Adidas sneakers, or Birkenstocks. Seriously my uniform during the week right now.

Books: I recently read Good Luck Charm by Helena Hunting and it was super cute! I am also on a bit of a re reading kick and reread The Idea Of You and Ugly Love.

Random: Super into Thomas’ Bagel Thins and Reese’s Eggs. Ugh you guys holiday candy sections kill me. Also really into Outshine Strawberry Popsicles!

Tell me one thing you are currently loving??

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  • 17 thoughts on “Currently Loving: April 2019

    1. Bree

      These are some great things to be into right now! I love this, and those books seem like good reads – I am going to check them out!

    2. Amanda @ All Day Active Life

      I recently found some mineral sunscreen that I am adoring right now. And I’m also really exicted to be needing it after the brutal winter we had 🙂 Love those gold sandals!

    3. Stephanie

      I love Grey’s and Station 19! I also just started watching Sabrina on Netflix which has been interesting because I loved the one with Melissa Joan Hartt. This series is so different and much darker, but I like it!

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I am currently loving tuna salad sandwiches! I know you may find it too shallow but I love it – as a sandwich, as a dip with ritz crackers, even with rice! My choice of clothes right now are shorts, tank tops, my favorite trainers- nike and adidas!

    5. Annemarie LeBlanc

      Thank you for those book suggestions. I am currently building my reading list for next month and I like the sound of the title, “The Idea of You.” I am adding that to my list.

    6. Arun

      It’s summers here and in this scorching heat I need a good sunscreen. Thanks I will try the one you are using. Also yes, I too am loving the new shows. Some are really good.

    7. Andrea Larson

      Only after reading your words “this month is almost over” I realized that it is indeed almost over! Time flies. It feels like maybe a week or so ago I was happy that it is finally April, and now it is almost May.

    8. Christa

      Those lululemon shorts are the best. I’m going to have to add these books to my to-read list. I’m always on the lookout for recommendations!

    9. aisasami

      I am currently loving listening to music from the 90s. On Wednesday, the Heisei era (which is the Japanese period from 1989) will come to an end and we will begin the age of Reiwa. The calendar is based on emperors but the memories of culture and current events from the Heisei will be preserved in that era.

    10. Nati

      So many cool things you’re into this month! I don’t watch much TV (not at all really) Except GOT, so this month I’m loving watching GOT!


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