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Luxury Wish List

I love a luxury piece. As I have gotten older I have tried to invest more in luxury pieces that withstand the test of time vs one-off, one-wear pieces. I also love the idea of cultivating a collection of things that I will enjoy forever. All of these items are luxury wish list items I have loved for a LONG time. I tend to really overthink luxury purchases which I think is good!


Luxury Wish List

Saint Laurent Shopping Tote: This has been on my wish list for a few years and is something I really would love! It’s a great everyday tote, a classic, and something you can wear all year round.

Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots/Lowland Boots: Another item I have wanted for probably 10 years! I remember on our honeymoon trying to convince Andrew I needed them for winter. Maybe this will be the year.

Gucci Princetown Mules: These I don’t really need, I have an amazing dupe of them from Target but they’d be nice to have in the white.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Bumbag in all black: Ugh I love this so much but I can’t justify spending this on a belt bag! But gosh it’s pretty!

Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag: This will probably be the next bag I purchase. Price-wise it’s not an insane splurge and I just think the style is classic!

Rag and Bone Newbury boots: I had a pair of these I wore to death so I would love another pair. They are amazing booties!

Chanel Sneakers: Absolutely do not need these nor will I ever spend the money but I think they are bougie and fun and if they magically showed up on my porch I would wear the heck out of them!

I would love to know something on your luxury wish list! Leave your thoughts below!

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  2. I don’t tend to invest in luxury goods. But I have definitely started paying for more expensive, better-quality items as I’ve gotten older. I invest in pricier makeup that I wear often, skincare, outerwear and some shoes because they really do hold up for a long time!

    Published 1.13.22
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    You’ve got some fabulous taste when it comes to designer items! Love your picks. I’ve also wanted a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots for years. But my #1 dream designer item is a Chanel Boy Bag!

    Published 1.14.22
  4. Jennifer Prince wrote:

    Ooh! Those boots sound amazing. If you’ve wanted them for 10 years, then go for it! 🙂

    Published 1.14.22