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Weekend Reading

Happy 2022 friends! I hope your first week of the year went great! Sunday, Andrew and I are heading to Antigua for a week and I am so excited! This weekend will really just be spent getting ready for that and getting COVID tests tomorrow! Other than that just spending time with our babies before we leave. But first, weekend reading.

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

What we’ve been up to: This week a whole lot of nothing! The kids went to school T-F and other than that we really didn’t do anything. We opted to keep Charlotte home from ballet this week and opted out of two birthday parties, which I really hate doing, but really trying to keep the kid’s exposure low.

Posts and articles I loved:

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The 8 kinds of limo arrivals on The Bachelor

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Montessori Hacks for helping kids learn to dress themselves

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How to manifest anything

Best hotels and resorts in the world

Can 4-7-8 breathing help you fall asleep faster?

Items on my wish list:

This bag will for sure be my next big purchase

This swimsuit is such a great one and looks really flattering

Blog posts you might have missed:

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What are you up to this weekend?


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