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Making Time During The Holidays

Organization · Sponsored Post · December 3, 2016

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I feel like with the holidays fast approaching (three weeks till Christmas!) making time for the simple moments can be a challenge. Especially because we want to do it all and be everywhere and say yes to everything, but the problem with that is we tend to ignore the really important things. Making time for those simple moments is what this time of year is all about right? So here are my tips for making time for what matters during the holidays.


Making Time During The Holidays

Quick Cleanups: I LOVE having people over. This time of year it’s fun to have game nights, wine nights (for those who can partake), coffee dates with girlfriends, and family get togethers. But you guys the house gets messy before, during, and after. So that means lots of quick cleanups! Using really helpful products like Bona products can make those cleanups so easy! Our entire downstairs of our house is tile and hardwood. It shows dirt so easily and I feel like I’m always cleaning it up! Plus once it’s clean it gives the illusion that our house is super clean even if things are stuffed in drawers or closets. The Bona wet & dry cloths, along with a Bona mop, really makes cleaning a breeze. No fussing with a bulky mop and bucket. Nope just attach, clean, and throw away the wet cloths. The dry cloths make getting dust out of corners of the hardwoods SO SIMPLE. My floors have never looked better.


Saying No: I have spoken a lot about saying no and why it’s important. But I want to reiterate how important saying NO is. If you want to have more of the simple moments with loved ones you have to say no to things that in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter. For me that’s saying no to happy hours (not really a problem right now), parties, etc. I would rather spend time one-on-one with family and close friends as well as my husband than a bunch of strangers.

Schedule It: When all else fails just schedule in the time. My calendar is known to say things like “brunch with Dad”, “walk with mom”, or “move night with husband.” Just to ensure I have that time blocked out and committed to those important people and those simple moments. I promise just try scheduling blocks of time out for those moments and it will be such a lifesaver. No rearranging or panicking!

Want to enjoy some simple moments yourself?

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I would love to know how you plan on making time during the holidays?

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  • 15 thoughts on “Making Time During The Holidays

    1. Lorri S

      I love your Christmas tree! I’ve been trying to decide whether to put one up this year or not. I agree, Bona makes it so much easier to keep the house clean. Great tips!

    2. Terry

      Time???? What is Time? It has been so long since I have had any time that I have forgotten what it is. LOL…. Seriously though. I sure could use that Bona Mop.

    3. Tretre Mac

      Making cleaning up a little quicker and easier sure sounds good to me. It’s fun to be able to have get togethers but having to turn around and clean up right after can be torture. I’m happy that you’ve introduced us to these Bona products, I can’t wait to try them.

    4. Girl

      Scheduling what may seem the most mundane/simple things is actually the most effective way of ensuring they get done.
      Thanks for this tip!

      And cleaning supplies like Bona look like a good idea too!

    5. Crystal

      Saying no is so tough! I asked the Girl Scout troop leader which day I had volunteered for an event next weekend. She looked at me and said, “Both.” Wait? What? I signed up for both days! AHHHH!

    6. Akhil Sharma

      Scheduling is the mot crucial part which I always struggle with during holidays or any family occasion. You get a lot of stress during these days and you just cannot finish you work on time; this is what always happen to me. However, I’d try to follow all these great tips and ideas, especially saying No. Btw, your Christmas tree is so beautiful; ecstatic.

    7. Coralee

      I’m a bit of a scatterbrain when it comes to scheduling personal stuff (everything else takes precedence). I will attempt to put aside some me time in my near future. Thanks for the lovely post 🙂


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