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Changing My Name (After Marriage)

It really never occurred to me to keep my maiden name. Not that I didn’t love it, but (call me old fashioned) I just always knew I would take my husband’s name. It seemed so natural and normal. I flashed forward to the future, once we’d had kids—I wouldn’t want them confused as to why mommy and daddy had different last names. I think the kid element was my major deciding factor. In all, it meant a lot to me to share the same name as my husband, and doing so seemed like it would just make that part of life easier.


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What I DIDN’T know was that actually changing my name would be really difficult.

No, not dealing with the Social Security office or DMV, but everything else that went along with it. Friends had told me horror stories of delaying their own name changes and forgetting certain details, so I tried to be really diligent. I went REALLY early one morning to power it out and take care of my license, social security and bank info. Fun fact: if you share a bank account with your partner, they have to be in-person with you (you can’t handle it solo). We’d joined our accounts before we got married, so we both had to go to take care of it.


Despite my attempts to take care of it early, name-changing was a drawn out process… Truthfully my PayPal account has never been changed and I only did my passport in January because we were going on a cruise. If only I had a magic wand to do it for me!

So when I recently learned about HitchSwitch (an online service that makes name-changing painless for newlyweds), I thought “Oh my gosh, I wish this had been something I knew about two years ago.” There are so many things you don’t even think to change your name on. Plus, if you’re a busy person, when is there time to go wait in all these lines, fill out all these forms, and mess with all the paperwork? HitchSwitch saves you the time and makes it a lot less of a headache. They offer 3 packages starting at just $29—so affordable and SO EASY:

[email protected] – This is great for ladies who want to do it themselves, but HitchSwitch basically organizes everything for you.

Full Service – Their most popular package; they gather all of the forms and fill out the paperwork for you, so all you need to do is sign.

Platinum – Their full service package, which includes extra perks like a ready-to-ship passport photo (so you can skip the line) and a personal “concierge” to help you with anything name-change related down the line.

Fun fact: I have a good friend who has been married 8 years and NEVER legally changed her name because it’s such a hassle. So now you can easily enjoy the wedding, enjoy the honeymoon and enjoy starting your life together without that looming question of “when are you going to change your name?” or “Oh god, where am I going to find the time?”

Changing my name was such a hassle for me but I am so glad I did it!

For my married friends out there, don’t you wish you’d had this option? For any of you soon-to-be married friends, are you checking out HitchSwitch soon?

This is a sponsored post with HitchSwitch however all opinions are my own!

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  1. Katy wrote:

    Oh man, this would have been great 9 years ago when I got married. As we live our lives more and more on the internet, this will become an even more valuable service!

    Published 12.4.16
  2. Leah wrote:

    8 years married and PayPal still isn’t updated. Why do they make it so hard?

    Published 12.4.16
  3. That’s so frustrating you both had to go to the bank to change your name! My bank didn’t make my hubby go even though our accounts were joint. I didn’t even have to go myself, I just had to email them a copy of my marriage certificate. All in all though, I didn’t find the name change process too difficult.

    Published 12.4.16
  4. Sarah Bell wrote:

    Changing my name was a drawn out process for me, as well! I went to the Social Security Office like 15 minutes after they opened and was there for like 4 hours…but it was definitely worth it 🙂 Great post!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

    Published 12.4.16
  5. Kristina wrote:

    Hitchswitch is how I am currently going through the process of changing my name. It is seriously the easiest thing ever. I just applied for my new Social Security card (in person) and all I had to do was write in the date I went in on the form Hitchswitch wrote out for me! It was so fast! They took the form from me, along with some ID, and I was in and out in less than 5 minutes!! I guess everyone else’s experiences will differ, but it was very simple for me. I am hoping the DMV will be just as easy, haha- I doubt it, though!

    Published 12.5.16
  6. I had just heard of HitchSwitch…I wish I had that, too! I’m with ya…always knew I’d change my name. But it was such a hassle trying to find everything online and dot every i to make it happen!

    Coming Up Roses

    Published 12.7.16
  7. courtney wrote:

    Oh my gosh thank you! I’m getting married next year and I’ve been so worried about this! I want to change my name so badly and this will make it so much easier.

    La Belle Sirene 

    Published 12.7.16
  8. Mary Jane Bruce wrote:

    Or you could do what I did and not change your name at all. 🙂

    Published 12.9.16