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Thoughts On Judgement

Fitness and Health · Inspire · Sponsored Post · December 2, 2016

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I feel like judgement is happening everywhere. From who you voted for, to what you look like at the gym, to being #TeamLogan or #TeamJess (we all have opinions there). We are constantly judged for our positions on things, our views, our appearance, it goes on and on and on. Today I am partnering with Planet Fitness to share some thoughts on judgement with you guys.


Thoughts on Judgement in blogging…

I know in the blogging world judgement is EVERYWHERE. We are judged mostly by other bloggers but sometimes just people who read blogs. As a blogger I feel I have been judged for topics I have written about, topics I have not written about, lately I have even been judged for not blogging more about my pregnancy. Yes, it gets to me because I am human. You’d have to be superhuman to not let judgements get to you, but I try to remember that when people make judgements on me it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. It’s a really great reminder. If you are a blogger and you feel the urge to judge another blogger, try to remember that we are all here trying to do our thing and we shouldn’t be judging each other, we should be helping each other.

Thoughts on Judgement with appearance…

This one is my biggest pet peeve. I am not someone who puts on makeup for the gym. Thankfully Planet Fitness is a Judgement Free Zone®! I should not be judged for this. I also don’t feel the need to put on makeup every day or to go run errands. I don’t need to do my hair everyday (a pony tail suits me fine). This is OK. Why are we judging others on their appearance? This is more and more prevalent with the social media age and celebrities. We even judge celebrities for not putting on makeup. I was flipping through a magazine recently and came across a spread about celebrities out without makeup on. So? I go out without makeup on. Why should they have spend an hour to get ready to go drop their kids off at school or grab a Starbucks?

IMG_2237 (1)

Thoughts on Judgement with opinions…

Lord this election season was brutal. I feel like I was bad about judging others and I know others judged me. We have to remember that we all want the best for our country, and while that may not always align with what others think we are all on the same team. But even beyond the election I feel like we are constantly judged on opinions. I have had people even pass major judgement on me for shipping certain TV relationships. You guys this is silly! Having different opinions even on the silly things makes the world a more fun place. We are all entitled to our own opinions and we in no way should be judging others for theirs. Something I need to remind myself of OFTEN! Planet Fitness believes You Belong®.

I would love if you shared your thoughts on judgement with me and vow to be a part of the Judgement Free Generation®.

This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness and The Judgement Free Generation®. All words and opinions are my own.

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  • 32 thoughts on “Thoughts On Judgement

    1. Martin

      A woman knows very well that, though a wit sends her his poems, praises her judgment, solicits her criticism, and drinks her tea, this by no means signifies that he respects her opinions, admires her understanding, or will refuse, though the rapier is denied him, to run through the body with his pen.

    2. Jackie

      It’s tough out there! I just try to be positive and spread kindness around as much as possible. Especially at this time of year. We can all use some kindness!

    3. Tawni

      This is a great post. I loved reading your thoughts here and can relate so much! Judgement and comparison are so hard to escape – or even to avoid taking part in, sometimes – and it’s so important to remember the TRUTH. Thanks for sharing this!

    4. Lisa

      I know woman can be the most judgmental people especially about appearance. I’ve tried to care less and less as I’ve gotten older and just do my thing. We need to focus on what’s important in our lives!!

    5. Ro

      I can relate to this – especially blogging and appearance judgement! I think the blogging one has kept me from sharing my blog with my Facebook friends or some of the people in my life. It feels very personal to me since I put so much time and effort into it and I suppose the fear of being judged by my work or having my work judged by my peers gives me the heebie jeebies. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Courtney Patterson

      It’s tough, that’s for sure. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really learned to embrace who I am, accept it and not really give a second thought to what others think. I’ve got far more important things to worry about then what other’s think about me and my life choices. To each their own!

    7. Chelsea

      You are so right. I’ve been judged and it’s hurtful. I think that everyone is at a different point in their lives/ blogs, so who are we to judge? I never judge those that just started because I remember being there. I remember someone once made a comment about how over saturated and carried away my Instagram feed was two years ago when I first started blogging, and I’m just like….who cares? lol

    8. Charlotte

      I couldn’t love this any more than I do <3 thank you for sharing (and love that planet fitness is spearheading this judgement-free initiative).

      It's been a really brutal couple of weeks to be honest and I've mostly kept a low profile because the mud slinging and ugly comments online were really getting to me. I agree with everything you said here–it's our differences that make us unique and they should be celebrated. No one should have the power to tell another person how to think, or feel, or who to vote for.

      Xoxo thanks much for this 🙂

    9. Rosemary

      That’s a tough request to be judgment free…but a necessary call to arms given the chaos we live in today. I pledge to work my best to be judgement free, to allow others to live with the choices they make, as I live with the choices I make!! Perfect timing for this post and good for Planet Fitness for sharing the cause 🙂

    10. Michele

      Planet Fitness is known to be the Judgement Free Zone–and it truly is! I was a member for a while and I never felt uncomfortable there like I did at the other fitness places.

    11. Lindsay

      You are spot on, NeeI am definitely not immune or exempt from judgment, I think we are all guilty of this from time to time but I realllllllly try to make a conscious effort to be as open and accepting as possible. Because let’s face it, I don’t want to be judged and I’m sure you don’t want either, right? We need more love, kindness and compassion in this world, period.

      With the recent election (I’m Canadian btw, just saying), I am so disappointed with some people’s actions and words. People I thought I knew, that have turned into mean, bitter, angry people that lash out at everyone around them, even those closest to them. It has been eye opening but also sad and disappointing what I’ve seen in the last month, it’s terribly unfortunate, among other things. I’ve kept low and quiet for this reason because the last thing I want is conflict, confrontation and tension between myself and a friend, I’d just rather not even talk about it if that’s the direction it’s headed.

      Great post girl!

    12. Saidah Washington

      I was talking to someone the other day and they said people don’t do things like go to the gym out of fear of judgement. He talked about what people thought people were thinking about them as they walked in the gym out of shape and maybe overweight. I told him, we have to stop letting thoughts about what people could be thinking about us, hold us back. I told him maybe people weren’t even thinking those things and maybe they’re silently rooting for people who take the steps to join the gym. At least that’s what I’m silently thinking when I see new people with body image, size issues come in. I’m hoping they win!

    13. Becky @ Disney in your Day

      I feel pretty strongly about this topic. There are aspects of my life that frankly are not the norm, and while it works and is right for me I have been judged A LOT. I try to be strong but there’s only so much you can take as a human being. Trying not to be too judgemental is probably the #1 thing I try to do as a person.

      I also go to Planet Fitness and I like it there – I think it’s cool to see such a huge variety of people – all ages, all ability levels, all just trying to be a little bit healthier 🙂

    14. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

      Yes! We have become such a judgmental society and it’s so sad to see how quickly people rush to judge others and how harsh people can be. I haven’t been as active on social media lately because it’s so hard to read all that’s out there and it’s so easy to get swept up in it.

    15. Akhil Sharma

      Few days back, I wrote a post about how trump; How did he win the United States Presidency. I talked about election and anger that every election make people live further apart, how we forgot to live in each other’s shoes, we should start understanding people, stop judging, and star talking to each other. And guess what happened, people started judging my own views. People will never stop judging, it has became a human nature. Even if you stop caring about those comments, they will judge you on this also; he/she is careless, attitude problem, and more.

    16. Trish

      This is such a timely message! I agree completely about judgement, and I want to be judgement free. The judgement this election season was absolutely brutal. I really like what you wrote about how everyone wants what they feel is best for the country. I think that is a good start for being more accepting of others.

    17. Elizabeth Ann

      Love this! Judgement is such a touchy subject and people get so offended when you say or do something that they don’t approve of. Why? Who has the time and energy to get so upset all the time. Really enjoyed reading this post!

    18. Shann EVa

      I’m so sick of all the judgement, especially on social media. People think they can hide behind their computer and say anything they want. I love Planet Fitness’ ideas and judgement free zone. We need a lot more of those….like everywhere.

    19. adriana lopez

      Judgement is a very strong word and actually puts down a lot of people. I think positiveness and forgiveness help us through as unfortunately judgement is something we cannot avoid but we can forgive and move on.

    20. Mistle

      Living in the world we do today, not passing judgement is hard. I agree that having different opinions is okay. Not everyone has to see eye to eye. I hate that certain people I know, always feel that their opinion is right. It drives me insane and of course I have to put my two cents in. Being a blogger is hard. We are constantly judged by other bloggers, readers, etc. However we are all putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable. That’s tough in itself to do.

    21. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

      This post definitely resonates with me as I have definitely been a judger AND a judgee in multiple situations. Unfortunately, our mind does what it does naturally. We just have to be mindful and reflect on WHY that’s happening. It does, more often than not, have something to do with our own self-image.

    22. Rosey

      The election did bring about so much judgment. It was the first time I ever felt cautious to note who I was voting for, even with some family members.


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