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September 2020 Goals

Inspire · Life · September 2, 2020

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Holy moly I can’t believe it’s September already! I feel like March was so slow that it shocks me how quickly this year is flying by. August was a quick month here with Liam in camp and we are so excited for school to start next week! Excited to share my September 2020 goals and also see how I did in August.

September 2020 Goals

In August I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books: Yes done, I actually read 5.
  • Continue to eat well, walk 10K steps a day, and track food: YES! I am so so so close to my goal weight. You can read all about that here.
  • Drink 80 oz of water a day: I at least got close. Oddly I find when I add sliced lemons to cold water I drink more of it.
  • Go through Liam’s closet: Yes his closet is organized and uniforms hung and ready for school!
  • Organize our office more: Yes but it’s nowhere near where we want it.
  • Grow Pinterest by 500 followers *currently at 29,000: I grew some but not 500.
  • Research and plan some lunch ideas for Liam so he doesn’t get bored: I do have lots of lunch ideas and we will see how long I keep up with creative lunches!
  • See my grandparents once a week: Yes we have seen my grandparents every week aside from one where Charlotte had a cold.
  • Make sure Andrew and I have 2 nights a week where we don’t get on our phones after dinner and spend time together: MAJOR fail! We need to work on this a lot.

In September I want to….

  • Read 5 books
  • Organize the playroom and purge items
  • Continue my current health habits
  • Take Charlotte for walks at least 3 times a week
  • Have one family outing/activity every weekend
  • Get better about meal planning for the kids
  • Work on office organization
  • Work on holiday blog content plans
  • Have at least ONE at-home date with Andrew each week

What is one of your September 2020 goals?

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  • 15 thoughts on “September 2020 Goals

    1. Kate

      Sounds like you achieved lots of your goals in August! I’ve got so many things to get on with – I need to write a list goals so I don’t forget anything…

    2. Stephanie

      My husband and I spend a lot of the evenings on our computers after getting the kids to bed. We are often on the couch together with a show on while catching up on things. But, now that the boys are going back to school on campus, we have a little more time during the day to finish things so we have more time to relax in the evening.

    3. Delia Atenea

      I need to read more books! I love the you guys are intentionally setting days where you are without your phones and technology! We could all use that!

    4. Kelly

      I am super impressed by your goals and what you achieved in August. I guess I need to think about some goals! One for sure is to try harder to get my daily exercise up. Now we are in Spring and the kids are back in school I have no excuse not to do it 😀

    5. Jennifer Prince

      I like the idea of an at-home date! I’d love to hear some ideas on what to do. We always tend to go out, but being at home to relax seems fun!

    6. Stephanie

      I think it’s so important to track goals like this. And seeing the progress you’ve made is such a motivator for moving forward with your new monthly goals. Here’s to September. May it be wonderful for you!

    7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I have already completed my book list for September and have ordered the books I want to read. Will be getting them Wednesday next week. Another one of my goals for September is to keep my family healthy, strong and safe from the virus. (This has been a constant in my goal list since March.)

    8. Christa

      I love when you post about your goals. We have a fe tin common this month, including meal planning and organizing the kids’ stuff!

    9. Lisa

      I love these goals. I also have one about having a family outing planned for the weekend. I always get so annoyed when we just sit around the house and do nothing. I definitly need to be more organised with this one.

    10. Megan Elliott

      It looks like you did a great job hitting your August goals!! I can definitely relate to the “putting our phones away” struggle. Especially when your job is social media…it’s so hard but SO necessary!


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