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Motivated Morning Routine

Inspire · Life · August 21, 2019

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I have shared different routines on this blog tons of times. I think having a routine for different things is so helpful and really can get you into a good mindset. I especially think having a motivated morning routine can make a huge difference in the outcome of your day.

Motivated Morning Routine

Wake up early: I know for me waking up and getting a few things done before Liam is up for the day really helps my anxiety and stress. For me there is nothing worse than feeling rushed in the morning. So I love to wake up a little early and take my time doing a few of the things below.

Make time for yourself: Sometimes I will take this time to read a chapter of a book, scroll through Instagram, finish a show, whatever you want. Just do a little something for yourself. It’s amazing what that selfish time can do for your day.

Workout before you do anything else: I love to workout first when I can. With a kiddo that’s not always in the cards for me, but the days where I can head to the gym first thing I feel like my day just starts better and I am far more motivated to get other things done.

Take care of your skin: A good skincare routine is key! This is my current go to clean skincare routine and my skin has never looked better.

Meditate: I have spoken many many times about my love for Headspace and meditation. As someone who has suffered from anxiety since I was very very young, meditation has worked better for me than any medication. I also find doing a quick 10-minute yoga video helps too.

Eat a healthy breakfast: I’m not saying you should eat kale, but something healthy for you! For me I do oatmeal and sliced banana. I also try to drink a big glass of water with or without lemon when I can. Or hot lemon water. I love oatmeal and I know it’s not for everyone. Maybe egg whites and wheat toast with avocado is more your jam. Whatever works for you!

Keep your inbox at zero: I swear there are two types of people. There are people with inboxes on their phones that say 15000 and people who don’t have red notifications. I am the second kind. I love going through my inbox several times a day and responding to things and clearing it out. I have never understood when people say they need hours for this task. To each their own.

Doing these things really keeps me motivated throughout the day. I try very hard to have all of this done by 11 AM when I can. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t happen that day and a lot of times one or two of these things can’t get done at all. But, the key is to try!

What is something for a motivated morning routine you do?

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  • 18 thoughts on “Motivated Morning Routine

    1. Kristty

      My daughter and I walk to her school and I usually get my workout when I come back! It’s so nice and refreshing because it puts a start to my day πŸ™‚

    2. Stephanie

      I have been getting up earlier and earlier lately. Right now, I get up an hour before my kids. My plan is to get up and do some journaling before they wake. Then a workout and shower if we aren’t riding bikes to school that morning. Oh, and I am totally the second type of person, too. My email inbox is basically my to-do list so I like to keep it as empty as possible.

    3. Lina Melo

      I would like to be a more active person which I find sometimes very difficult because it includes waking up early. Your blog post inspired me to have a morning routine, I’m going to incorporate all your tips

    4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

      I always start and end my day with prayer. It does help me to stay focused and motivated. Just with the thought of being blessed to live another day is enough for me to do the tasks at hand.

    5. Norma

      Great suggestions for a morning routine. I like having a little time for myself early in the morning to do anything I want. The problem is that I do not always hear the alarm clock.

    6. Nichelle

      I love making time for myself in the morning. It’s so key to peace and tranquility throughout the day. I also work out for about 15-30 min a day. I need to incorporate rising a little earlier to make my day more effective.

    7. Arunas

      Eat a healthy breakfast is really great! I drink warm green tea with lemon and ginger on an empty stomach, then eat cucumber and/or tomato salad with olive oil, onion and various dried spices.

    8. Flossie McCowald

      I confess I’m a bit jealous of this right now. My kiddos are of an age where they are up too early for me to be up before them, as I used to, to do many of these “self-care” things before we all got our day rolling. As I have learned the hard way, their need/desire to engage with me first thing trumps my ability to have even a few minutes to myself. But in a few years their body clocks will shift, and it will be all I can do to get them out of bed LOL!

    9. Christa

      Coffee is definitely high on my list! Lately I’ve been waking up really early to go to the gym and I’ll grab a Starbucks on the way home. That definitely sets me up for the day. πŸ˜€

    10. Arun Dahiya

      Good suggestions for morning routine. I generally try to practice mindfulness, have a small walk and then have my breakfast smoothie. I am also on second list. I can’t tolerate unorganised inbox that’s not checked and have notification. It kind of irks me.

    11. McKenzie Allyshia

      My biggest motivator is actually waking up on time or early. For the past year or so I have been having one heck of a time waking up when my alarm first goes off. I will hit snooze a dozen times and then have to rush out the door. It is so irritating!


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