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My 2021 Christmas Wish List

At this point in my life I pretty much buy myself whatever I want. I do try to save a few things for the holidays since Andrew and I love to get each other gifts and my parents do still ask for a list or some ideas at least. So before we head out for the holidays I wanted to share my 2021 Christmas wish list. It’s MOSTLY practical items!

My 2021 Christmas Wish List

I think pajamas are such a great thing to ask for because honestly I hate buying them for myself. Lake Pajamas are my favorites and I actually really love their pajamas separates as well as the sets.

I have wanted Estelle wine glasses for the longest time. I think I have finally convinced Andrew to buy me a set.

I have had my bathrobe for a few years now and I could for sure use a new one. I am really loving this one from Pottery Barn.

Pretty much every year I get a desk calendar. I love the Rifle Paper Company travel calendars. They are so pretty!

I got a Le Labo perfume this year and got a sample of a few others. My mom  LOVES the Noir 29 and so do I so I definitely have this on my list.

I love Leatherology and this slim wallet card holder is great for travel. Such a practical gift.

I have talked about how much I love Westman Atelier and I love that I can get 3 small sizes of their products in this set. So great for travel or just testing out new products.

I am pretty sure I am getting gift cards from my parents because I really couldn’t think of anything else. I would love to know what’s on your 2021 Christmas wish list.

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  1. Stephanie wrote:

    I got a new robe last year, one that’s thin so it packs easily to take when we travel! I also have a new phone case/wallet on my list this year.

    Published 12.20.21
  2. I want them all….The wine glasses are gorgeous…I love your wish list…

    Published 12.21.21
  3. Fatima T wrote:

    I feel like this holiday, I’m just thinking about comfortable clothes to wear at home. Working from home makes it easier to wear things like this all-year-round.

    Published 12.21.21
  4. Jennifer Prince wrote:

    Ooh! I love anything from Rifle Paper Co. They have such cute things. I need to get one of their planners!

    Published 12.22.21
  5. Deborah wrote:

    I hope you got everything you wanted on your list and then some!

    Published 12.28.21